What Should You Do in Mornington Peninsula?

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If you want to go to a place that pampers you, delights your mood and makes your time worth spending then you must go to Mornington Peninsula. The Mornington Peninsula is the ideal spot to visit when you are looking to escape the rush and hustle-bustle of the city for some time.  You can explore dinner restaurants Mornington Peninsula and spend wonderful time with some scrumptious food for sure.

You know, at only a ninety minute drive from Melbourne, this peaceful and charming holiday spot offers a diversity of both relaxing and exciting things to do when you are planning to unwind from the chaos of regular life. Here are some things that you should do once you are in this region.


The Mornington Peninsula is the ideal spot for adventure seekers.  If you love to do some sort of adventure then you must not miss it. For the ocean lover, the splendid white sandy shoreline and spectacular surf make it a good place to catch some waves, take time out on a wonderful fishing trip or to take long bike rides. For visitors or tourists who are more interested or willing in relaxing and unwinding from the stressors of regular life, there are a number of amazing golf courses as well as the chance to visit the Peninsula Hot Springs, where bathing in natural types of thermal pools is an absolute must. You would definitely have a refreshing and exciting time.

Mornington Peninsula National Park

You know, one of the biggest differences between Melbourne and the Mornington Peninsula is the chance to explore nature and that of the charm the rural landscape has on offer. The Mornington Peninsula National Park is definitely an area of stunning and lovely natural beauty. It permits expansive and impressive coastal strolls, the ones that have become synonymous with Australia. The National Park is even home to the iconic elephant rock that extends out into the sea.

Vineyards and local produce

You may not know like many people that Mornington Peninsula is world-renowned for its amazing production of grapes and is even the perfect location for spectacular wine tasting. The area is home to more than ninety wineries and seventy five cellar doors, offering you lovely vineyard tours as well as tasting (and buying) the wines on offer. The area is specifically well—known for its production of Pinot Noir and that of Chardonnay, cultivated mainly as a result of the cooler climate of the region.

As an outcome of the rural landscape of the Mornington Peninsula, the region also prides itself on natural produce, with beef, cheese, and berries at the top of the list of products that stem from this area. Because of the achievement of the agriculture and farming in the region, various people come to visit this monthly Red Hill market – festive and pleasant celebration of food and drink.


To sum up, it was just the tip of the iceberg of what you can do in Mornington Peninsula. Once you are there, you are going to find endless experiences!

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