How to be friends with your brother or sister

brother or sister


If you love your siblings, here’s a range of quotes that will make you sure to show your love for them. Brother and sister love quoteswill always be special, those are the only people who witness where we grew up, what we liked or didn’t like, and even our first fights. Brothers and sisters have this special bond which can never be broken by anyone or anything else. So if you really love your brother or sister and care about them as much as I do, then check these quotes out and see whether they do inspire you or not.

Find common ground

If at all possible, find something that you share in common with your sibling. If your brother likes football and you like basketball, then watch football together periodically or vice versa. This can help build a foundation of friendship by finding a common interest.

You may not always agree with your sibling, but it’s important that you do find something in common. It could be something simple like both of you enjoying a movie or TV show, or something more complex like a shared interest in sports. No matter what it is, make sure that you both find some kind of common ground so that the relationship doesn’t become too strained by constant arguments over small things like whose turn it is to do the dishes or who gets the bigger bed when you share one room.

Do not try to make them like you

Siblings are not supposed to like each other all the time. If you try too hard to make your brother or sister like you, it will be obvious and they won’t respect you as much. Sometimes they will want to annoy you and sometimes they’ll want to do something different. This is normal and shows that they are independent people.

Apologize even if it wasn’t your fault

When you fight with your brother or sister, apologize even if it wasn’t really your fault. Even if they were in the wrong, apologizing shows them that you care about them and want to work things out. It also shows that you’re willing to take the blame even when it wasn’t entirely yours.

Everyone makes mistakes, so don’t be too hard on yourself if something goes wrong. If you apologize for what happened, it will show that you’re trying to make things better and that you care about your relationship with your sibling.

When they are struggling with something, don’t make it about you.

When they are struggling with something, don’t make it about you. When you see your brother or sister struggling with something, don’t try to take over or solve their problem for them. Instead, offer support and encouragement by saying things like “I’m here for you if you need me” or “What do you think about using this strategy?”

If they need help with homework, offer to study together at least once in a while, especially if they like doing homework alone. This way you can both get some studying done while helping each other out. Plus it might also give both of you a chance to bond over something other than video games or TV shows.

Forgive and forget

This doesn’t mean that you should pretend that something bad never happened between the two of you, but rather that you should forgive them for whatever they did wrong. Forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting what happened, but it does mean putting it behind you so that neither of you keeps bringing it up in conversation. For example, if your brother borrowed money from you without paying it back and then forgot about it after he got married, forgiveness would entail him apologizing for borrowing the money without asking permission first and then letting go of any resentment over having been disappointed by his actions.

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