Keeping cosy: 4 tips for making your home more comfortable for older dogs



Winter is fast approaching and if there’s one thing that dogs aren’t too fond of it’s the colder months. They’re bad enough for young, stronger pups, but they’re even worse for older dogs, who are more susceptible to chill and discomfort.

Therefore, if your pooch is getting older, it’s important to ensure that your home is prepped to make them extra cooosy in winter. Things like easing access, putting down extra padding and keeping an eye on health problems are all important to ensuring your elderly doggo has a good, comfy winter!

You already take great care of them and you’ve got the best, cheapest pet insurance Australia has to offer – it’s time to ensure they are comfy for the colder months of the year with these handy tips:

Ease of access

Many dogs develop arthritis as they age. It’s completely normal, but it can be quite uncomfortable for your furry friend especially with the winter chill making movement even harder.

This is why it’s important to make access easy, considering things like how they eat (they might be uncomfortably bending to get to their bowl) and how they are able to get around the house (they may not want to jump up on the couch so much and need an extra comfy spot on the floor).

Provide extra warmth

In their younger days your doggo would have been more easily able to regulate their body temperature and keep warm without extra assistance. However, as they age this becomes more difficult, meaning they need a little extra support to provide absolute comfort in the colder months.

We all know our furry friends like sitting in the sun, so why not create a tranquil little sanctuary for them by placing their bed in a warm, sunny spot in the house with a bit of extra padding.

If really necessary, you could even place a heating pad in the area, ensuring that you always keep your eye on it and that it’s placed on the lowest setting!

Help them around when necessary

There’s a good chance your pooch probably isn’t quite as spritely as they were in their younger days, and this means they might have a hard time getting around the house.

From jumping up on the couch or bed to climbing the stairs, to going outside for a piddle and climbing into the car, many inane movements can become quite difficult for older dogs.

Therefore, it might be necessary to help them around wherever possible, as well as investing in a pet ramp that can help them get around with less trouble.

Remove home obstacles

Ageing pets of all kinds often experience sensory challenges like vision or hearing loss. Once again, this is completely normal, but it can make things like getting around the house difficult for pooches that were used to being able to navigate with considerable ease.

Therefore, if there are any new or recent obstacles that could be inhibiting your pal’s ability to get around the home with ease – simply remove them if they don’t actually have to be there.

One of the most important things is ensuring that they have a clear, unobstructed path throughout the house, especially if they are trying to get outside for a piddle!

Luckily, not too many changes have to be made to accommodate an older doggy in the winter months – it’s just about ensuring that they have the comfort and access they need to maintain a high living standard and lifestyle, especially when the winter chill sets in and their old bones start hating it!

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