How to Avoid Unnecessary Phone Upgrades

to Avoid Unnecessary Phone Upgrades


There is no denying that smartphones are more advanced than ever, but they certainly don’t come as cheaply as the cell phones of the past. Accordingly, many individuals see a high-quality, modern smartphone as something of an investment – something they hope to get a good amount of use out of before it comes time to either trade it in or toss it away. It might seem like there is a new smartphone out every other month, but obsolescence is certainly something that can be kept at bay without having to purchase a new smartphone. To see years of use for their smartphone, many turn to upgrades. Alas, these don’t come cheap either.

In fact, the situation only seems to be getting worse in this area. For one thing, smartphones are only getting more expensive. In one sense, this is to be expected. After all, they haven’t really been “phones” for quite a long time. It would be far more accurate to describe modern smartphones as pocket computers. And as new smartphones are rolled out, the amount of dazzling new features only increases. As does the price.

The Battery Question

One of the most common smartphone upgrades are battery replacements. For those wanting to make their phone last as long as possible, getting in on the latest battery technology might seem like a wise move. After all, battery technology is one of the fastest developing technologies in the world, being driven by things like the imperative to reduce our reliance on fossil fuel power and a plethora of new battery technologies making an impact on nearly every aspect of our lives. Pale Blue Earth, a company producing new long-lasting USB-Type C smart batteries, note that their products are increasingly replacing traditional household batteries. The phenomenon is occurring because new battery products are being released all the time – so why not put one in your old phone?

The problem with this approach is, again, cost. Replacing the battery of a phone is one of those upgrades that is pretty pricey. Furthermore, depending on the value of your phone when it comes time to replace the battery, it might not even be worth doing.

Cheaper Ways to Make Your Phone Last Longer

So, how can you keep the phone you currently have performing well for as long as possible? Here are some ways of doing that which do not involve expensive new phones or pricey upgrades.

Do Not Skip Software Updates

It can be annoying when your phone prompts you for an app or software update, but you should never skip them. Software updates keep your phone working efficiently as they help the phone deal with things like security issues and bugs. Updates make your phone work better – and therefore last longer.

Protect It

Applying some diligence in caring for your smartphone is another way of making it last longer. Keep the screen and the ports clean and dust-free, put it into a case, avoid charging the battery all the way up or running it all the way down, keep it away from temperature extremes, and so on.

Clear Out Unused Apps, Files and Media

Even if you have cloud storage, excessive amounts of photos and files on your phone will slow it down. So too will a load of unused apps. Give your phone a spring clean every now and again.

If you apply just these handful of tips, you will be amazed at how much better your phone performs and for how much longer it can be effectively used. Best of all, you will not spend a cent.

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