Tips that will help you to purchase the best-branded shirt for men

best-branded shirt for men


Everyone wants an outfit that not only suits their personality but also enhances their confidence. A well-fitted shirt with a clean and crisp collar is what every man desires. From a family function to an office interview, a perfect short is all you need to shine.

But the question arises – how to find the best-branded shirts? With so many brands out there, it can be confusing sometimes to find the best one. But buying the best-branded shirt is not a big deal if you follow the following tips-

  • Look for something that suits your personality: Your dressing sense can be different from others, and that’s totally fine. What you need to look for in a shirt that not only looks good on you but also enhances your personality.
  • Fit and Style: Here comes the most important point to keep in mind while purchasing a shirt. Always buy a shirt that fits your body. Buying a shirt that is too tight can be uncomfortable, whereas buying a shirt that is too big in size can give you a shabby look. Therefore, always go for a shirt that fits you perfectly and gives you a modern and appealing look.
  • Say yes to a comfortable fabric: Before buying any cloth, do look for the material used to make it. A fabric that is airy will keep you cool in the summers. The fabric used for making shirts is known as ‘shirtings’, which have a variety of weaves. You must choose the correct fabric based on the weather outside and the occasion for which you need the shirt.
  • Crisp collars for a classy look: Not many people are aware of the variety of collars present in the market. A collar not only enhances the look of the shorts but also gives you a classy look. Cutaway, forward point, button-down and semi-spread are some of the categories of collars you can choose from. One of the most preferred types is semi-spread collars that go well on every occasion.
  • A Stylish Cuff to define your shirt: It is hard to believe, but the cuff of your shirt can change your look! A French cuff or double cuffis an ideal cuff for formal occasions. An ideal cuff lies just above the hinged bone of your wrist and describes how well the shirt fits you. If the size of your cuff is larger than normal, it will give you a scruffy look. Therefore, you should make sure that your cuff is perfect for the occasion and is lying in its place.
  • Following the trend: The trend changes with time, and there is no harm in following the trend. Buying the shirts with the latest pattern and design will make you look fashionable and up to date. Even if you don’t wish to follow the trend, going with a solid shirt or a printed shirt can never go out of style.

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