When Should You Replace a Panel on a Garage Door?

Sectional garage doors make up the vast majority of garage doors nowadays. Damage to these garage doors, such as dents or cracks, does not mean you have to replace them altogether. If the damage is limited to a single panel, you can replace only that panel. But how can you tell when it is time to get a garage door panel repair Santa Monica? Here is what you need to know if you want to replace a garage door panel.

The Garage Door’s Age

If you have to change a panel, the garage door as a whole has likely aged as well. Replacing just one panel is a temporary solution, and you will eventually need to replace the rest of the panels. Replacing numerous panels can be more expensive than replacing the door altogether, so it is essential to consider that.

Before you make a selection, double-check that replacement panels are available for the model of your garage door. This should not be an issue if you have a newer garage door. However, if your garage door is an older model, replacement parts may be unavailable. In that case, the only choice is to upgrade to a newer model. It is not worth replacing a panel on a garage door that has already outlived its usefulness. If your garage door will need to be changed in the next few years, it may be best to replace it a little sooner rather than later.

Having Many Damaged Panels

If several panels are damaged, replacing only the damaged panels may be more expensive than replacing the entire garage door. Furthermore, if numerous panels are damaged, the total damage may be more significant than evident. If the door frame is damaged and needs a replacement, new panels may not work correctly. Examine the garage door to check if any parts other than the panels are damaged.

When a garage door panel gets damaged, this can jeopardize other parts of the door. Even if only one panel appears to be damaged, you should ensure that the damage is not more extensive before replacing it. If other parts are damaged, the garage door as a whole will not work even if you replace the panels.

The Aesthetics of the Door

If one of the panels has severe damage, but the other only has minor scrapes, it may be tempting to repair only the damaged panel and leave the other alone. However, when placing the new panel, the scraped panel will look out of place with the rest. Before deciding to replace simply one panel, inspect the garage door to see how it looks.

Furthermore, if the color of the original panels has faded, the new panel may not match the rest. It is essential that when you replace a panel, it blends in with the others. It will be hard to match the old panels with the new panel if worn or faded. You can also repaint the garage door, but this makes it more expensive.

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