Can I cancel the McAfee subscription and ask for a refund?

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McAfee is a popular security program that scans the device and prevents all malware threats. Users can install the McAfee software on Windows and other platforms. You can open the McAfee website and install the setup. For free McAfee plans, click on the free button and the setup for McAfee will start installing on the device. In paid McAfee antivirus, you have to create a McAfee account and then purchase the subscription. Users will get a monthly or yearly license for the antivirus. You can access the premium features with an active McAfee subscription. When the license of McAfee expires; you can easily renew it. McAfee also provides auto-renewal for some of its plans. When the McAfee license expires; it will get renewed immediately. To prevent auto-renewal you can easily disable it. But when a user forgets to cancel his auto-renewal and the plan gets renewed automatically then he can contact the team for a refund. The user has to cancel the new subscription and then ask for a refund.

Cancel McAfee subscription and get your refund

When your McAfee antivirus is renewed automatically before any prior information then you can ask for a refund. However, you have to check all the refund policies before canceling the subscription. Once you claim for the refund; the new license will be canceled and then you can’t access McAfee premium tools. You can cancel the subscription of your McAfee antivirus from the account.

Open the web and go to the McAfee website

Click on the My Account option

Enter the McAfee username and password

Open your McAfee antivirus program

Click on the subscription window

Check your new McAfee subscription

Tap on the cancel button next to it

Choose the confirm button and your new McAfee subscription will get canceled. Open the subscription page and inspect the expiry date. Now the user has to contact the technical team for a McAfee refund. You have to enter account and license details. Now users can’t use any of the premium McAfee tools. But he can still access the free McAfee features.

Cancel McAfee subscription before the license expiry

The auto-renewal features are not for all the McAfee paid plans. If the auto-renewal is enabled but you don’t want to renew the plan then disable it before the subscription date. Canceling the subscription before expiration will prevent auto-renewal of the license.

Open the McAfee account on your browser

Go to the profile window and enter the username and password

Now open your profile on the screen

Open the subscription page and tap on the McAfee license

Select the Cancel button and hit on the confirmation page. Now, again check the subscription page and now you will see the expiry date. Some people didn’t cancel their subscription before the date due to the remaining date on the previous subscription. Users can access his McAfee premium tools until the subscription expiry date even after cancelling it. You can cancel the McAfee license and then use the features. Now when the license expires, the plan will not get renewed.

Cancel McAfee subscription on Android device

McAfee antivirus plans are also available for Android devices. For free setup, search for McAfee and tap the Install button. But when you are using the premium McAfee plan then you have to get the license. When a user has purchased his McAfee license for the Play Store then he can cancel it from there easily.

Open your Android device and go to profile

Inspect the profile to ensure you are using the same account

Go to Payments and subscription window

User will get the purchased programs list

Click on McAfee antivirus

Scroll down and hit on Cancel button

Now tap on the Confirm button and the McAfee subscription for Android will be cancelled. Now use the license up to the expiry date.

Renew the McAfee antivirus manually

When you cancel the subscription, the plan will expire. If the user wants to renew the setup then he can purchase the license manually. You can renew your McAfee subscription before the date to prevent device vulnerability. Those days will be added to the new plan. Open the dashboard and click on your subscription window. Now click on the renew button and provide the details. After renewing the McAfee antivirus; you can run the premium McAfee tools. more info to visit:

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