What are the Different Types of Locksmith Services?


When you think about what locksmiths do, you usually think of just lock and key services. But nowadays, locksmiths have widened their range of skills and tools. For instance, locksmiths specialize in automobiles, those that crack safes, and those that focus on office security systems.

Whatever type of property, locksmiths have become essential to ensuring that the security aspect is in good condition. When looking for a locksmith, it’s necessary to know what type of services are out there so you can choose the right one:

Emergency Locksmith

If you’re locked out of your home, car, or place of business, an emergency locksmith is handy. They offer 24-hour services, which means anytime that an emergency arises, they can address your concern. Their services include:

  •   Lockout solutions (for home, car, office)
  •   Lock and key replacement
  •   Key cutting and duplication
  •   Safecracking

Residential Locksmith

Residential locksmiths are those who cater to homes and apartments. Most locksmith companies offer residential locksmithing. But some broaden their services to emergency and commercial locksmith needs. Residential locksmiths offer services such as:

  •   Lockout solutions
  •   Key duplication
  •   Lock installation
  •   Deadbolt installation
  •   Door and window lock upgrades
  •   Panic hardware installation
  •   CCTV installation and maintenance
  •   Smart home security installation and maintenance

Commercial Locksmith

If you are running a brick-and-mortar business, you will need a security system in place to protect your property. But it has to be a multi-use system that allows each employee to have differing access abilities. A commercial locksmith is familiar with the more sophisticated security system and locks and master key systems. If you need a biometric system, remote keyless system, or a key-card access, commercial locksmiths are the professionals to call.

 Industrial Locksmith

Industrial locksmiths work on a much larger commercial scale, as seen in buildings, government facilities, schools, hospitals, factories, etc. Companies that offer industrial locksmith services usually do a site inspection and evaluation in order to get a sense of the operational nature of the site. From here, they can recommend security options to match the building’s needs. Some services include:

  •   card access installation
  •   keyless controls
  •   visitor management systems
  •   key and lock replacement

While industrial projects command more significant projects, the locksmiths are also required to have more certifications and more paperwork that won’t be needed in other locksmithing projects.

Auto Locksmith

An automotive locksmith specializes in vehicle solutions – cars, vans, trucks, and even industrial machinery. Auto locksmiths can work on tasks like:

  •   vehicle unlocking
  •   key reprogramming
  •   broken key repairs
  •   and other problems relating to vehicle locks

As a vehicle owner, aim to find a reputable auto locksmith in Los Angeles to make sure that the technician won’t damage the vehicle’s surface or other parts while doing the fix.

Safe Locksmith

Locksmiths specializing in safe cracking are well trained on the different mechanisms involved in safe and vault systems. Those well-versed in safe opening have acquired additional skills and knowledge above those who work with regular locks. It’s essential to call a qualified safe locksmith to ensure that the safe or vault will unlock without damaging the valuables kept inside.

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