Top features to look for when choosing construction management software

construction management software


If you are looking for construction management software then you must already understand how valuable it can be to your business, especially if you are a small builder. Being able to produce fast and accurate estimates is one piece of the software, but great construction management software has more to offer than just that. So, here we will look at some of the features you should look for when choosing the right construction management software for your home building business.


The number one thing a construction management software should offer is a cloud-based service. This means you can open the software and all the stored files from anywhere you have an internet connection. All the relevant paperwork and information can be stored in the cloud, ready for easy access.

Customer management

A quality construction management software will work with your customers from day one. No transferring information from one place to another, it can hold all their relevant personal information as well as the project information all in the one place.

Task scheduling

Using construction management software that allows you to schedule tasks helps prevent needing equipment in two places at the same time or having contractors turn up before the project is ready for them. The tasks can be marked off as they are completed, and everyone involved in the project will know when each milestone is achieved and what their next job is.


A big contributor to issues on a worksite is bad communication. Keeping everyone in the loop is much easier when all the communication is made on the one platform. With construction management software like Buildxact, there will be no more excuses of texts messages that weren’t received or emails that ended up in spam folders.

Software integration

Another top feature of quality construction management software is the ability to integrate other software, such as your accounting software or suppliers’ price lists. By using the construction management software with other programs you can save on time and money. Your invoices and bills can be sorted out from one place and the project’s budget can be maintained easier because all the information you need is at your fingertips. To find out more on a great construction management software system then we recommend you try the 14-day free trial with Buildxact or book a demo to see how their management system will get your building business winning bids, making more money, and increase you customer base.

For us, the top features you should look for in construction management software are a cloud-based system, you should be able to record your customers information and details, manage and schedule tasks, use the system for all communication, and it should integrate with other software so you can get the best out of it. Contact the team at Buildxact about booking a demo or to try a 14-day free trial. Get back your free time and build your business with Buildxact construction management software.

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