The Perfect Watercolour Wedding Invites Everyone Will Love

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Are you recalling the days when you used to colour in the afternoons? Colour and imagination surely illuminated the world. One of the best things is that you can take your same hobby as a child to your wedding! Watercolour brushes become pieces of art that make a statement about your style and highlight the unexpected touches on your big day as  watercolor wedding invites. Find out which ideas are best to fill your wedding ceremony and reception with joy.

Definitely, colour is one of the winning details during a wedding. It is important to choose the right mood for the long-awaited day, or the tone that will convey the desired message. It’s time to decide how you’ll present the variations to surprise locals and strangers with the perfect range of variations. This time, we are inspired by a trick we have known from childhood: watercolours.

It is no longer the province of professional art studios. There is no limit to the colour schemes, patterns and illustrations that can be added to your wedding with watercolour brush strokes. You can layer endless complementary colours, shapes, sizes and designs onto the invitation to create spectacular bets. There is no doubt that you and your guests will have a memorable celebration full of art and style.

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Decorations can be used in all aspects of your wedding. Be sure to include not only the invitations, but the watercolours and those beautiful colours in other strategic places on that long-awaited day.

 For example, you can welcome your guests with the sight of delicious cocktails and exquisite drinks, presented on a table with posters or posters featuring your own designs; these posters are meant to make the brush strokes of the entire story stand out. On your dessert table, your wedding cake can also have motifs inspired by watercolours. Such a beautiful detail!

Additionally, table markers can be a good alternative to colour brush strokes at your wedding. It is possible to make the most interesting colour combinations, as long as they are composed according to the chosen setting. Pink, purple, powder blue, green and grey are good choices, as are indigo blue and navy blue. Often, the watercolor details can be found in abstract brushstrokes, although you can always go with classic motifs inspired by flowers and other elements of nature.

If you want to magnify the romantic setting, pick a background decorated with watercolour brushstrokes. Go with your wedding’s base colour gamut and provide a perfect contrast to the black ink text. You can bet on napkins or menus that have illustrations in beautiful watercolours for the montage. As well as writing the names of your guests in the same design, you can create a sense of harmony. To make the banquet tables look more appealing, display them with cute illustrations in watercolour.

At the wedding, treat the children with an activity table. Include watercolours of all colours to show off incredible drawings or loving messages for the two of you. If what you hope to achieve is that the couple’s table would be the centre of attention, then you may want to consider silk or cotton fabrics with watercolour detailing and a phenomenal colour combination for your  wedding invitation.

Bring that same design (or a similar version) to the reception dance floor.

Adding details that break the mould provides endless opportunities. Utilise the magic of colours and the fantasy of art to create the perfect watercolour wedding decoration! Do not neglect these images, and don’t succumb to the temptation to stop having fun with all the creations at your fingertips to create a style that is 100% creative, original, and, of course, that intrigues locals and strangers alike.

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