How to claim the Helium 10 Free Trial

the Helium 10 Free Trial


All of us know that the helium 10 provides the best tool for amazon sellers so that they can effectively grow their business. The best thing is that the helium 10 has a free plan that allows the sellers to test the tools before paying for the subscription.

If you are an Amazon seller, then using the helium 10 tools benefits you. The primary benefit of helium 10 is that it can provide a free trial of the available tools.

Especially when it comes to product research, these tools are widely used within the seller community on Amazon. So, we suggest you take these helium 10 invaluable tools and test them in your business by signing up for the free plan.

Helium 10 Free trial

Helium 10 is not accessible all time. Under the helium 10 free trial, it can give the free and the limited version of the helium 10 tools. By signing up for the free plan of helium 10, you are able to use the Cerebro twice in the day and track the 20 keywords at the same time.

But this is not enough for some Amazon sellers, and this is the reason why they upgrade the helium 10 to the paid plans as soon as they feel comfortable with this tool.

A way to activate the Helium 10 Free Trial

If you want to get the free trial of helium 10, you must sign up for the free plan. Here we are going to tell you the easy step to sign up helium 10 free plan successfully. Follow the given easy steps and test the free plan.

1. Visit the helium website

Go and open the official website of the helium 10

2. Tap on the sign-up option

Then tap on the “ sign up for free” option that is available at the top right-hand side of the website

3. Fill in the details

After that, fill in your name and email address and generate the password. Then, you have to tick the box and agree to the privacy policy and the terms of the use

4. Install the chrome extension of helium 10

Now, when you sign up for the free plan of helium 10, you have to install the helium 10 chrome extension. Follow the given ways to install the chrome extension.

  • Visit the chrome extension listing in your web store
  • Tap on the button that is available at the top right of the page to add the extension
  • Now, the chrome extension button will show on your screen when you are using the Chrome browser
  • After installing the extension, you are able to log in to the helium 10 free account. Just tap on the extension button and follow the prompts.


Hope you understand the way to sign up for the helium 10 free account. If you follow the given steps in this article, then you can easily claim the helium 10 free trial.

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