A Quick Idea about Dragon Ball Z Cards Game

Ball Z Cards Game


The Dragon Ball Super Card Game is a collectible type of card game and this game features characters spanning the whole history of the Dragon Ball franchise! You can give it a try at dragon ball z cards at PokéBox Australia and you may find abundance.

Actually, this is the game that features simple but deep rules that allow you experience the fierce battles of the overall series first-hand!  Of course, if you are a beginner then this post is going to be really helpful for you to play it.

Remember that this Dragon Ball Super Card Game features art that is absolutely straight out of the television show, coupled with special CG illustrations that you may only find in the dragon ball card game! This is the kind of quality and attention to detail that enables you to plunge yourself completely in the world of the series.

Starter decks

Starter decks are specifically designed to include all the cards you require to start playing straight away! And when you have a starter deck, then it would be the time for you to get some booster packs to simply power it up! For your understanding, each booster pack is going to include 12 cards that you can use however you prefer to either customise your starter deck or even create your own! Also keep in mind that starter decks also include or feature exclusive cards you cannot simply find anywhere else!

Each booster pack includes twelve cards that you can use however you like to either customise your starter deck or even form up your own! You should remember that your deck must include at least fifty cards and one leader card.

There is no restriction to the type of decks you may make. Just start off by concentrating on cards that are the same shade as your leader. You can blend together your preferred or favourite characters to create a deck of your own!

There are 3 kinds of cards:

Leader Cards – these cards are the type of core of your deck. These are placed on the field at the start of the game. Leader Cards are specifically designed with CG illustrations and even are Double-sided.

Battle Cards – then these cards are absolutely essential to battle. You can select from a massive cast of characters to help your leader in battle. Battle Cards get designed with overall Anime illustrations.

Extra Cards – these are the powerful cards to take control of the entire game. You can make use of these games to expand your battle strategies. Additional types of Cards are designed with Anime sort of illustrations.

The point is once you start exploring the game of dragon ball z cards and experience it, you will play well. The more you play this game, the better you will get at it. And the most exciting thing is the moment you have grasped the rules of this game, you can play and even win!


So, trying out your luck at dragon ball z cards is definitely a good idea. Once you try this game, you are going to fall in love with this card game.

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