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The French Bank mobile bank got off to a flying start: just 6 months after its launch in summer 2019, it already had more than 100,000 customers for its simplified € 2 bank account. While European neo-banks are on the rise, La Banque Postale has demonstrated with its new formula that it is also capable of appealing to a younger audience.

To communicate on its offer, Ma French Bank takes advantage of a very efficient hybrid model. Obviously, its website and mobile application are the preferred media for promoting its bank account, but its presence in the 2,000 post offices has enabled it to attract a wider audience.

According to the first information communicated by the mobile bank, it is 70% of the customers who subscribed to its offer directly in a physical post office. What is it really worth? Below, our Ma French Bank review will help you get an idea .

My French Bank

Ma French Bank is a brand of the La Banque Postale group which was created in the course of 2019. The banking group, which already has more than 10 million customers to its credit, wanted to release a new offer capable of rejuvenating its database. historical customers. To say the least, the initial results are promising. At the end of 2019, more than 60% of Ma French Bank customers were under 38 years old.

With a particularly young design, and a (mobile) medium that is just as young, mobile banking has found its audience. Each month, more than 80% of its customers connect to the mobile application. Ma French Bank is proud to have an “active” customer base, more than half of whom carried out more than 3 transactions during the month. His ambition? Pass one million customers by 2025.

For this, it will have to redouble its creativity to position itself in an already very competitive market. On the one hand, we find the neo-banks with specialized offers for travelers like N26 or Revolut. The first lists more than 5 million customers (including 1 million in France), while the second already has 10 million customers worldwide (including 1 million in France as well). On the other side, there are “everyday” neo-banks, with simplified accounts. This is the case with the Nickel Account (1.6 million customers), Eko by Crédit Agricole, Kapsul at Société Générale or even Orange Bank. . This is no longer the case with C-Zam, the € 2 account of Carrefour Banque which ends its activity on July 15, 2020.

My French Bank is positioned at the intersection between two types of neo-banks: it offers an account and a bank card at no cost abroad for the tidy sum of € 2 per month. It is only available to customers who already have a bank account. The Ma French Bank offer should be seen as a useful complement for those who want to benefit from advantages abroad (International Visa free of charge). It stands out as well as a Nickel Account, which accepts everyone – without exception.

To launch its service, this neo-bank offered the first 6 months to its new customers until December 31, 2019, which largely contributed to its success. Below in our Ma French Bank review, you will discover each of the bank’s products.

 French Bank account test

When we speak of neo-banks, it is in the majority of cases of “payment” establishments which do not benefit from a full banking license. They are therefore limited in the range of banking products they can offer. It is for this reason that financial companies such as Revolut or N26 are limited for the moment to a current account and a payment card. If the latter two have obtained a classic banking license, they still remain on their historical activity mainly around payment.

Ma French Bank is a credit institution, which allows it to have a wider range of products. All of its products revolve around a current account, which is accessible from a mobile application – or from a web space. If the opening of an account is possible in one of the 2,000 post offices (out of 9,000 offices) of the La Poste network, it will not be possible to manage your money there as if you were a customer of La Banque. Postal. You must therefore go online to complete your procedures. more info to visit:

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