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Are you setting up the dining area of ​​your cozy nest but don’t know where to start? When it comes to kitchen plans, we speak in letters. They correspond to the way in which the various elements are arranged. I, L, U or G? We offer you a small express training thanks to which you will be able to design the kitchen of your dreams.

The timeless I-shaped kitchen plan

The kitchen with the most versatile silhouette opens the ball. The I, you will understand, materializes the alignment of the equipment on one side.

This layout fits perfectly with a hallway kitchen, at least 1m80 wide to be able to install the worktop, open your cupboards, your drawers and pass you without getting in the way. The I-shaped kitchen plan will seduce you if your room is open to the living room and you do not want to give too much importance to your dining area. Fairly easy to set up, this kitchen knows how to be discreet and stay in its place. Would this be the ideal plan? Not if we follow the rule of the activity triangle which consists in observing a reduced and almost equal distance between the hotplates, the sink and the refrigerator, in order to limit and facilitate movement.

I-shaped kitchen in pale pink tones

If you have a closed kitchen, opt for a parallel layout, so you will have your optimal triangle.

Finally, an I-shaped kitchen plan will force you to compete with ingenuity to break the linearity of this kitchen plan. Play with materials, levels, colors and lighting.

The popular L-shaped kitchen plan

Forming a right angle, this configuration is found in many homes because it is less demanding than its cousin in I. A return of 1.20 is enough to accommodate it. It is particularly suitable for medium or large rectangular rooms, not too narrow. With this kind of plan, you will not exhaust yourself between the cold, hot spots and the part dedicated to washing. Are you the head of a large family? Invest in a comfortable kitchen table, it will fit easily in the free space. Last important point, avoid installing your hobs or your sink in the corner in order to be able to move easily.

Bright L-shaped kitchen with child from behind sitting at table

We have good news: the first two types of layouts are compatible with the installation of a user-friendly central island, provided they have a space of at least 15 square meters. To fully enjoy it, take the time to think about the function you will assign to your central island: simple storage and additional space for preparing meals or a bar area equipped with a sink and hotplates.

Create your U-shaped kitchen

The letter U speaks for itself. Two or three walls of the room are occupied, which makes it possible to optimize space and install column storage. With this configuration, respecting the famous activity triangle becomes child’s play!

By the way, if you like to cook with your family, adopt a U-shaped kitchen. Everyone will find their place on the copious worktop and can easily pick from the cupboards, utensils and ingredients they need. The main issue of this arrangement remains the arrangement of the angles so that they are functional and as inexpensive as possible.

A G-shaped kitchen plan for square kitchens

Open kitchens are made for this kind of plan: a U-shaped layout to which we add a bar return or a worktop. The G-shaped kitchen fits harmoniously into a large living room. This is the whole point of such a plan in an open kitchen. It allows to delimit the space without closing it. On the other hand, the opening onto the living room does not allow any carelessness. If you bet on this configuration, be sure to square your kitchen and choose a discreet appliance and a high-performance hood to protect your sofa from cooking odors. more info to visit:

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