Drug Testing Policies For Employment

Drug Testing Policies


Employment drug testing is completed when an individual is hired at certain jobs to determine if they are under the influence of illegal drugs. Employers have the right to test employees to ensure the workplace is drug-free. It helps to understand the drug testing policies and procedures before having the test completed, so you know what to expect. Here we will touch base with how and when companies will use this testing, as well as why it is beneficial to them.

Drug testing occurs when a sample is used to determine if illegal drugs or substances are being used by the employee. Many companies have drug tests in place for liability reasons. Others use these measures as they strictly enforce a no-drug work zone.

There are various times when a person may ask to perform drug testing at work. Generally, it will occur before your employment. New employees that accept the job understand that they are hired under the condition that a test is performed with a negative outcome. Any positives for drugs will void employment.

Companies may also do random drug testing. Urine tests, hair follicle tests, or saliva tests can be used. Your employee handbook may go over more details about random drug testing.

Most companies will also complete drug testing when there has been an accident at work. The employer can have a drug test scheduled per insurance regulations and federal guidelines. Generally, within 12 hours after the accident, a drug test is assigned.

If an employer drug tests its staff, the company will give employees directions on how to get ready for drug testing. This might encompass refraining from prescriptions and medicines that could potentially impact the results for at least 24 hours before the test. The drug test generally utilizes a urine sample, which looks for certain substances in your body that may impact how you can work.

A hair follicle test can also be used. Hair follicles can determine if substances have been used for the past 90 days.

A saliva test may be used to detect marijuana, amphetamines, cocaine, and opiates. These tests are also common as they are easy to complete and read. Within hours or minutes, results can be available.

There are various benefits to having drug testing performed. These include:

  • Hinder hiring workers that use illegal drugs
  • Provide a safe and healthy environment for all laborers
  • Recognize and assist staff with alcohol and drug issues.
  • Keep personnel from abusing drugs and alcohol
  • Decrease workforce turnover
  • Conform with federal regulations and state laws
  • Support greater liability among personnel
  • Safeguard the general community

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