Commercial Roof Maintenance Tips

Roof Maintenance Tips


If you have ever had to replace a roof, you know how pricey it can be. A commercial roof will cost you even more. Here are some maintenance tips for your commercial roof to keep it in shape, so it lasts longer.

All roofs are produced to be robust and resilient to various elements. However, they are far from indestructible. Therefore, you will need to be certain there is no extra pressure on your commercial roof. Only allow individuals to walk on your roof if it is necessary, and keep anything heavy off of it. This will help to keep the roof’s pressure under control. Having a person walk on the roof to clean it or maintain it is fine as long as they are careful.

You must also keep your commercial roof clean. This is a large part of maintaining the roof. It is easy for a roof to collect debris, especially if the roof is flat. When the wind blows, leaves can collect on the roof. While you may not think that leaves would be heavy enough to cause damage, if they are wet, they can cause the roof to rot. Mold and rot are huge reasons why many roofs need to be replaced, as they can cause holes or leaks. While cleaning the roof, be sure you check all gutters and drains, clearing them out as needed. Allowing the gutters to fill up with leaves and debris can cause leaks, and may lead to mold and mildew. Keep all trees and branches pruned back, so they are not hanging over the commercial roof.

If you live in an area where snow is prevalent, you will want to remove snow when it falls. It may not look like it weighs that much, but many times show is heavy and dense. And if it is wet, that is a lot of excess weight added to the roof. A commercial roof is generally flat, so it is especially important for it not to accumulate there. Ask your snow removal team who does your sidewalks if this is a service they can do at your business.

The next thing on your maintenance list should be being ready for season changes. Before the weather changes, you might want to look at your roof to be certain there are not any spots on your roof that may cause trouble later. If you notice water pooling in one area, remove the water, and place a tarp over the area so water is not allowed to sit there all winter long.

You will also want to have a regular roof inspection completed on your roof. It is recommended that this occur at least once per year. You may even find that twice per year is better. A professional will be able to look for cracks, weak spots, and sagging. These professionals know exactly what to look for and can often catch problems before they become bigger. They will look around skylights, vents, eaves, and joints to determine if there are any damaged areas.

To keep your roof looking its best and protect what’s underneath it, it is essential to complete regular maintenance on it. Even if you follow our above tips, it is important to have a professional commercial roof inspector come out at least once per year. Call Done Right Roofing Inc in Clear water, FL, today to help you maintain and clean it, delivering unsurpassed results.

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