You cannot be accused of plagiarising without a reason

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Bibliography is necessary for assigning the final grade at the end of an internship to a thesis, report, or other research project. This document certifies that the work was completed in a professional manner and is protected by copyright and intellectual property. Online software allows you to easily identify all sources used in the creation and maintenance of your work. Good indexing can help you verify that all sources have been correctly cited.

What exactly is Plagiarism?

Copy-paste, paraphrase, duplicate content, quotes, similar passages. Increased plagiarism has been a result of the increased use of digital technology for learning, research, knowledge sharing.
Plagiarizing refers to the act of using another person’s work for your own purposes. Plagiarism is the act of presenting another person’s work as your own. This includes thesis, doctoral thesis and internship reports, themes, homework, and other forms of documentation research. You can avoid plagiarism by using  This will effectively reduce plagiarized content.Tips for creating and quoting

There are many options for editorial research. You can avoid being accused for copy-paste and plagiarism by following these guidelines: Use quotation marks, include footnotes and references and follow the citation rules. Create a bibliography.

Respect copyright and intellectual property should be respected. Sources should be cited. Do not cheat and avoid copy-pasting and plagiarism.

  • AssureIntegrity behavior
  • ValuingOriginal productions
  • Contribute to Research
  • Attestation of the quality of work

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