Water hog mats have a lot of power

Water hog mats have a lot of power


Water hog mats are the greatest mats for preventing dirt and water in the market, but what makes them so effective?

Bi-level construction with dirt trapping

Unlike typical entry matting, which has a flat carpet top, a Water hog mat has two levels: an upper level and a lower level. A Water hog mats top-level scrapes and scrubs footwear, which is then placed in the mat’s bottom level until it is cleaned. Because the dirt settles below the walking surface, it is not dragged inside your building by the next and subsequent guests’ shoes.

Damnation of water

The dam mechanism of Water hog mats can hold up to 6.5 liters of water per square meter. This reduces the chance of slip and fall incidents by preventing the accumulation of excess water, particularly during wet weather. Because the mats are absorbent, they will dry rapidly as well!

Tough and long-lasting

Water hog mats are very durable due to the strengthened rubber nubs. Even in high-traffic locations, a Water hog mat will last for years. They are especially popular with schools, where they will perform for 5 years or more, with thousands of feet passing by each day.

Reduce the risk of slipping

Slipping and tripping may happen to everyone, and it happens rather often. This is made worse when the shoes are damp and lack the essential traction to remain upright, or when the floor is extremely smooth and shining. People may get traction by treading on a textured entry mat, which helps to eliminate any extra wetness or dirt by gripping the bottom of their shoes as they enter. This helps to reduce the chances of people sliding and falling, making your flooring a little safer.

Our Water hog classic is intended to trap both moisture and dirt inside the lowest half of the mat, keeping it from being dragged into your property if your entry has a high footfall count. It has a non-slip rubber backing and anti-static properties, allowing it to hold even the smoothest of surfaces. A commercial entry mat may also assist your firm meet its duty of care to everyone who enters, avoiding incidents for which you may be held accountable.

Professional and decorative

When consumers walk into your facility for the first time, the last thing you want is for them to have a negative first impression. A sour taste will be left by a firm that seems disheveled and runs down rather than fresh, clean, and neat. You want them to want to come back, so make sure they leave happy with their experience and confidence in their choice to invest in your firm.

A decent business entry mat may serve to maintain that sense of professionalism and aesthetic excellence while also making visitors feel welcome. They also don’t have to be unsightly! When matched with your décor, entrance mats may really appear rather stylish, giving your area a polished and put-together sense.

Branding your business

Investing in a commercial entrance mat with your company logo may create a significant and lasting impression on customers, regardless of the size of your business. A colorful mat may help you enhance your marketing by pushing your message and converting visitors into paying consumers.

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