V Reddy Kancharla- Choosing a Good Hobby At 50

V Reddy Kancharla


Just because you are 50 and above does not mean you cannot have a hobby. Hobbies are immensely beneficial for your mind and body as you grow older. Many people assume that after 50, they need to slow down and relax. They mostly are at home and watch TV or eat when bored. This is a bad habit that will affect them mentally and physically. They need to get up and explore something they would like to pursue as a hobby.

V Reddy Kancharlagetting started with a hobby you would love to pursue daily

V Reddy Kancharla is an expert in civil engineering and construction. Known for his rich experience spanning over 25 years, he has played an instrumental role in building some famous commercial and residential structures in the USA. When it comes to becoming old, he thinks that hobbies should be embraced at this age. When you have a hobby to pursue at this age, you boost mental and physical health with success. It gives you deep meaning and purpose in life.

Combat depression with your hobby 

You can effectively combat depression and social isolation with a good hobby. Retirement generally coincides with the commencement of the natural decline in brainpower, and the transition from busy work life to a reduced pace leaves a vast void with mentally stimulating tasks. However, when you embrace a hobby like socializing, travelling or even reading, it helps you boost mental health and offers you the enjoyment you are looking for.

Hobbies keep you busy, and the brain gets the engagement it needs. Most people in their 50’s are not even aware of how a hobby can boost and improve their lives. This is why awareness and education should encourage them to take up something they love to do and enjoy.

Choosing your hobby 

There are several hobbies for you to choose from like music, travelling, sports, swimming, painting etc. Look for a hobby that matches your lifestyle and budget. The last thing you want is a hobby you cannot afford. The proper pursuit will make you happy and occupied for a long time, keeping anxieties and negative thoughts at bay.

Connect with others with the hobby you love 

If you feel bored pursuing a hobby on your own, you can join a group of people who follow the same hobby as you. Here, you get the chance to meet other people and connect with them with a common interest. This helps you combat loneliness and, in the process, you can make some excellent friends.

According to V Reddy Kancharla, choosing the right hobby is essential. One can make a list of all the things they like and choose a feasible hobby for their lifestyle. The more your hobby is demanding, the greater is the decline in your brainpower! A decrease in cognitive function sets in at a later age, so it is wise to embrace a hobby to keep the brain active.

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