tips for a chic interior without breaking the bank!

tips for a chic interior


Do you dream of an elegant interior? Before running to the fanciest (and most expensive) boutiques, discover our 24 smart tips!
Sometimes, a simple decorative object can create a chic and elegant interior . Lamp, vase, carpet, coffee table … furniture and everyday objects are adorned with sobriety and modernity to boost a room.

Chic and elegant interior: create a harmonious whole

To give a real style to its interior, sometimes three times nothing is enough. There is therefore no need to clutter up a room with many accessories. Keep the objects that you appreciate the most, and create harmonious sets , which correspond to your universe. If you like the bohemian-chic universe , opt for rattan chairs , fringed rugs, patterned cushions … if you prefer the Art Deco style , choose velvet armchairs , retro lighting, vintage wallpaper 30 , and above all a subdued atmosphere!


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Chic and elegant interior: play with colors and light

The colors are essential to develop an interior. To can create, for your decoration, a palette of black , white and cream shades . These understated shades are terribly elegant. Do you prefer brighter colors ? Go for duck blue , dark green , mustard yellow or purple hues. The light will also play a vital role to beautify your home. A beautiful light or pretty candles will have no equal to make your interior, an elegant cocoon.

Chic and elegant interior: each room has its importance

For a chic and elegant interior but above all coherent, consider carefully decorating each room of your interior. Thus, dress your kitchen with an imitation marble splashback . You can also change the taps and opt for a gold or matt black model. In the bathroom, wood is timeless and can be adopted from floor to ceiling for a most chic effect. Finally, adopt a light mirror in the toilet for unparalleled elegance.

Chic and elegant interior: mix materials

For a chic and elegant interior, don’t hesitate to mix materials : rattan meets metal, wood mixes with glass, velvet goes perfectly with lace …. Above all, don’t overload. If you like a material or a pattern, use it in small steps, so as not to get bored of it. What if you are told that three times nothing is enough to create a chic and elegant interior more info to visit:

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