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The capital of India’s West Bengal state is Kolkata. From 1773 to 1911, it served as India’s capital during the British era. It was initially established as an East India Company trading center. Destinations in the city today include magnificent colonial structures, art museums, and cultural activities. After exploring these, you should realize the benefits of reserving Kenilworth Hotel Kolkata for resting purposes. Mother Teresa established Mother House, the headquarters of the Missionaries of Charity, and her memorial is on the property. The third-most populous city in India is Kolkata, previously renowned as Calcutta, which is also the country’s academic, commercial, and cultural hub. With multiple Nobel Prize holders influencing the beauty of the place, Kolkata is a leader in the disciplines of cinema, the arts, theater, and literary works.

1. Victoria Memorial

Victoria Memorial, a massive marble structure constructed in Kolkata in the Indo-Saracenic Revival Architectural Theme, is currently being converted into a museum. It is 54 meters tall, was constructed between 1906 and 1921, and is the ideal tourist attraction to learn about the history of its construction. Discover this location for an informative nostalgia trip, one of Kolkata’s most reviving activities. This is one of India’s most visited historical sites.

2. Science City

The Science City in Kolkata is a family-friendly and conveniently accessible destination that is ideal for couples and visitors of all ages. Explore this center of knowledge and wisdom, which is something that Kolkata is renowned for, as one of the top activities to accomplish in Kolkata in a single day! As part of the National Council of Science Museums, Ministry of Culture, Government of India, it is the biggest science center on the Indian subcontinent.

3. Nicco Park

It is definitely worthwhile to visit this environmentally friendly theme park that was built with the specific purpose of drawing tourists from all over the nation and the world. Nicco Park has a welcoming atmosphere and is appropriate for visitors of all ages. It is one of the most incredible places close to Kolkata to devote time with friends and family and partake in thrilling rides. It is a great sight for both amusement and the educational enthusiast. Don’t forget to enjoy the many delicious cuisine options available here, which is already among the best things to experience in Kolkata. One of the nicest activities for kids to do in Kolkata is to enjoy some time at Nicco Park.

4. Park Street

Shopping is one of the activities available to couples searching for something to enjoy in Kolkata. In Kolkata, Park Street is a notorious boulevard that acts as a haven for compulsive shoppers. During your wild purchasing binge, let your previously heavy pockets become light. Sweets, jute crafts, magazines, terracotta architecture, classic sarees, tea, paper mâché masks, Dokra, and other products are some of the best items to purchase in Kolkata. In addition to shopping, it is a location where you can see the lavish Christmas festivities in person.

5. Princep Ghat

Princep Ghat, one of the ancient ghats constructed during the British Raj and currently one of Kolkata’s most attractive locations, is located close to the Hooghly River. This location provides the greatest views of the Ganges River and allows visitors to indulge in the countless food options nearby. Additionally, there are numerous items available for purchase in Kolkata right now. Spend your evening relaxing on a boat in the river, drinking your favorite beverage and enjoying the breathtaking sights of the area. In order to fully experience Kolkata, this is one of the activities you simply must do!

6. Academy of Fine Arts

The oldest institution in Kolkata and the ideal destination for artists, the Academy of Fine Arts serves as the hub for many of the city’s cultural events. Additionally, it has captivating gallery exhibits and art shows that can instantly inspire a person to fall deeply in love with artworks and crafts. For prospective painters and artists, one of the favorite features to experience in Kolkata is to explore the city’s artistic neighborhoods and galleries. This is one of Kolkata’s unusual things to do, even if you are simply an enthusiast.

7. Tram Ride

One of the nicest options to do in Kolkata, India, is to take a tram ride. Kolkata is one of the few cities left where trams still run. Enjoy a pleasant tram trip to experience the ancient Kolkata. These trams, which are among Kolkata’s most appealing features, serve as the regular commute for thousands of city residents who work in offices. These 24-passenger AC trams run four trips a day from north to south of the locality and are furnished with a television and an Audio system. You will undoubtedly have the memorable time across one!

8. Eco Park

This largest urban park throughout India is another popular destination for tourists visiting Kolkata if you’re searching for activities to perform in the evening. It is an eco-friendly center and one of the top picnic areas around Kolkata for leisure activities, set amidst lush green scenery. Everyone of any age can enjoy the park, whether they are playing boomerangs, having a picnic, or just taking a morning stroll. It is one of the greatest locations in Kolkata that offers tranquility to visitors. Enjoy the peace and serenity while taking part in the most enjoyable activities and enjoying the wonderful foods nearby. After visiting this, you should understand the reasons for booking Kenilworth Hotel Kolkata.

9. Try Bengali Cuisine

All food lovers will find Kolkata to be a culinary joy, particularly those with a sweet palate. The street vendors and restaurants in Kolkata are famed for their amazing creations like the kathi rolls, telebhaja, churmur, and luchi aloor dum, which are their unequaled specialties. Other than those, practically all real Kolkata eateries include desserts like sandesh, rosogolla, and mishti dohi on their menus. You’ll definitely return for more of those delectable delicacies from Kolkata cuisine, which is cooked in practically every home.

Travel to Kolkata as soon as possible to take part in the city’s most exciting activities. In this vibrant city, there is a surprising amount of fun and excitement concealed behind every street and lane. Therefore, create a thorough schedule and remember to record all these amazing events in your travel journal.

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