The best car seat covers of 2021

car seat covers


You might have a hard time knowing where to buy the best car seat cover. To guide you in your choice, we recommend the DBS 1011723 which is a set of tailor-made covers adapted for the Renault Clio 4 from 2012 to 2018. Made with woven mesh completely in polyester, it has a gray checkerboard in the center associated with facings.

Ensuring full coverage of all the seats in the car, these covers guarantee passenger safety thanks to the TUV and UTAC patents they have obtained.

In addition, they are supported by all airbags thanks to the presence of a patented fusible link integrated on the seams. They also allow all the seats to retain their functionality.

In terms of design, the manufacturer wanted to keep the fit of the seats. In addition, the finish is particularly neat. Concerning the assembly, a patented system is adopted with the plastic envelopes which slip above the seats. Velcro and hooks complete the fixation.

For the Design:

It is a set of covers to cover all the seats in the front and back. Made from polyester, they feature headrests for added comfort.

For the Reliability:

These patented TUV and UTAC covers are compatible with airbags. They are accompanied by a mounting system with hooks and velcro.

The cons Long assembly :

Despite the instructions offered with the flash code to view the video, many buyers took several hours to complete the assembly.

A cheaper car seat cover is not necessarily of poor quality and this is also confirmed on this product. Marketed at a very attractive cost, this cover is nevertheless made with high quality nylon. Therefore, it has high resistance to stains, oil and water.

In addition to optimizing the appearance of the interior of the vehicle, it offers good protection against wear. Since this cover is of a universal design, it is suitable for most car seats. In addition, it is compatible with all airbags to provide safe use.

Considering its construction, this cover is very easy and quick to install. In addition, it offers versatile use in all areas. Maintenance is also facilitated thanks to the choice of the manufacturing material to simplify your daily life. By observing the finishes, you can see that they are well cared for.Ideal for personalizing your child’s car seat, this high-quality cover is made from natural cotton. This material is preferred since it provides pleasant touches and prevents sweating during the summer. Also, it offers good protection against stains.

Customers say it is the best performing cover as it benefits from a universal design. Originally, it is suitable for all group 1 car seats. In addition, it has belt cutouts and elastic borders that allow it to adapt to all seats from 3 to 5 points. .

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