Some unique ways to decorate your Wedding Entry Gate

Wedding Entry Gate


First impressions are always important. Especially when it comes to making the grand entry on wedding day. Guests always notice the welcome gate entry.It won’t be just beautiful decoration but can also be the best spot for clicking the pictures. Here are some entry gate decoration ideas that your guests like & will make you worthy of praise.

Making a grand entry has always been a people pleaser. It gives a “Red Carpet ” feel to everyone who is entering the wedding venue. Especially when you make a walk-in tunnel made with different-colored flowers & fairy lights.Use some Bride & Groom’s pictures at the entry gate.It gives the guests a chance to know the couple better & connect by heart with them.

Sometimes the classic look of an entry gate can steal the heart away from the guests. Decorate the gate with flowers to make it look a little full.Decorate your gate with a lantern & white -pink dupatta. And also use a fan to move the dupattas. It’s not only a couple that also makes your guests.

Marriage means an atmosphere of love.And red colour the sign of love. If the entrance gate is decorated with red roses then the wedding atmosphere will be filled with love. Golden colour always looks stylish & gorgeous. If your entry gate is decorated with brown & golden pillars then it’s sure to take everyone’s breath away.

You can decorate your entry gate with metallic tassels & sparkling fringe curtains. It’s a very eye-catching idea.

If you welcome your guests in truly filmy style at your wedding then simply use some beautiful drapes on both sides of the entrance & accompanied with flowers at the top & use Chinese lanterns throughout the hallway from the entrance. And Play some romantic tunes .Guests feel like they’re entering a  Bollywood party.

If you decorate your entrance space with dream catchers made of lace & ribbons .Flowers & other objects can be attached before they’re hung.

Balloons are not a good choice for the wedding entry gate decoration.  So you can use balloons of various sizes, create a tunnel of arches & combine balloons with ribbon & other decorative items to make your wedding entrance decor more popular.

Dhols, tassels, & little pom-pom balls in entrance decor, this is truly one of the best ideas for grabbing the guests attention.

Some animals holding chandeliers, this is quite unique & spotted other than drapes & flowers. Use Multi- coloured flowers & scented spray.

Guests will feel the fragrant entry.It is a nice idea to grab the guest’s attention.

The entrance gate covered in golden cloth and beautified with paper made golden flowers and a hint of golden light is an absolute adorable beauty. This is a good choice for welcoming your guests.

 To decorate a wedding entry gate you can use anything you want, decorative ribbons, and any other man made materials, but the most effective way is to use flowers and to stick up to 2 different colours. That way the gate will look luxurious and elegant without “stealing the show”, because the wedding couple should catch the people’s eyes the most.

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