Quebec Aims to Boost Migration Levels in Regional Areas

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Quebec, the French province of Canada, wants to attract more immigrants to the province’s outlying regions as per a new immigration plan tabled by Immigration Minister Jean Boulet on Monday. Since Quebec has its eligibility requirements, Canada migration points are calculated separately for the Quebec skilled worker program. You can take help from a professional immigration consultant to learn more.

Unleashing the plans, Jean Boule said, “There are undeniable advantages for immigrants in the regions, including welcoming, close-knit communities, jobs, a great quality of life, and more.”

Montreal is the most attractive place for immigrants

In 2021, Quebec welcomed 50,280 newcomers, twice the 25,225 who arrived in 2020 and 24% more than the 40,565 new permanent residents in 2019 before the pandemic.

Despite the high inflow of immigrants to Quebec, the province is still facing labor shortage issues in regional areas because most migrants move to the big cities of Montreal and Quebec.

In 2021, Montreal took 80.3% of all newcomers that arrived in Quebec. Small cities such asSherbrook, Trois Rivières, and the Gatineau welcomed only 13.7% of all new residents despite their proximity to Ottawa in the same year.

It indicates how many immigrants are attracted to urban areas compared to smaller regions. Metropolitan cities accounted for 47 240 new residents, approx.—93% of immigration to Quebec. The rest of the province only welcomed 3,040 newcomers, six percent of the total immigration figure in 2021.

Quebec’s immigration minister highlighted the advantages of living in regional areas with the recent announcement. He also unveiled plans to support the development of non-profit groups in these regions and worked on various measures to boost the effectiveness of these plans and strategies.

Quebec aims to make these small regions an attractive option for foreigners seeking permanent residence and temporary residents, specifically for those arriving through the International Mobility Program (IMP) for jobs outside the Montreal area.

Additionally, the province also wants to expand the areas outside Montreal with the help of its Collective Sponsorship Program. It is also taking inspiration from the Atlantic Immigration Pilot program to increase regional immigration. The officials will also take information from individuals and families who left Montreal for small regions to understand what motivated them to leave big cities and settle in regional areas.

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