Organic Content Marketing vs Paid Ads

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As digital marketers are confronted with multiple options and forms of digital marketing, he has to be crystal clear as to how best to reach his objectives. A digital marketer has to know his goals and should steadfastly proceed to fulfill his set goals.With such a clear focus and understanding of his responsibilities and tasks, he should pick the right digital marketing tools and methods from the plethora of options available before him. Broadly speaking, digital marketing consists of two methods:

  1. Non-paid or Organic Method
  2. Paid Advertising or Paid Method

In the Organic Method, you don’t pay for your content to be published. But, in the Paid Form of Promotion, you have to pay for the distribution and publishing of your content as long as you run your campaign. In this article, we are going to see how a digital marketer can use the best of both the methods to his advantage to successfully launch his digital marketing campaigns.

Mutually Inclusive or Exclusive?

As a digital marketer, you should clearly draw a road map so as to determine what are the tools and methods to be used and adopted to achieve and reach your milestones in each of your digital marketing campaign journeys. Irrespective of the fact that your objectives are few or multiple, you need to have a thorough understanding of the tools and methods that you are going to employ to effectively pull through your campaign. And, when it comes to paid or non-paid digital marketing methods, it is not something like this or that or they being mutually exclusive.

A smart digital marketer uses a mix of paid and non-paid methods and achieves what he desires. Mostly, paid ads are used for fast paced promotions like reaching out to a large target audience in a short span of time and getting the desired results. On the other hand, non-paid methods, especially content promotion and blogging are used to build sustained and systematic brand presence over a relatively longer period of time keeping in view long-term perspectives. Again, it does not necessarily mean that the paid ads are specifically suited for short-term promotions, and content marketing is only suitable for long-term promotions. They can both be interchangeably used and in combination given the context demands. This goes on to imply that these two forms of promotions are not necessarily exclusive items of promotion and can simultaneously be used in each of your promotional strategies.

Organic Content Marketing Methods


Blogging is writing and publishing a series of articles for a set of inter-related titles covering and explaining in each of the articles the subject matter within the scope of the title and the objective of the article. A typical and effective blog can be of 1000 to 1500 words each. A carefully written article with the optimal use of highly relevant and contextual keywords and anchor texts produces great results by driving quality traffic to your intended web pages. Learn more on Link Building from Digital White Labels, Best Link Building Services.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a process of getting your quality and resourceful articles and posts published in highly relevant and reputed websites and online platforms that enjoy high authority in your niche in exchange for backlinks to your web pages. This form of organic content promotion serves a great deal in driving highly relevant and quality traffic to your website and contributes to high number of conversions there in the long run.

News Articles

All newsworthy articles and content about your business or entity that get published in highly worth and reputed social platforms and news websites like news media portals, online business magazines, journalistic websites and current affairs sites bring tons of quality visitors to your website and web pages through your anchor texts and backlinks. It is a great way of getting in-bound traffic in your content marketing strategy.

Social Media Posts

It is a great way of connecting to the active and live audience through social media. Users come to social media to learn, entertain, find, connect and transact. By posting your content pieces in social media through posts in various forms such as text, images and videos and also the combination of either of these, you are able to communicate and engage a captive audience who are looking for exciting content and information for the aforesaid reasons: learn, entertain, find, connect and transact. In Social Media Marketing, though the frequency of your posting content is important, even more important is the quality of your posts. Only quality attracts the users and results in a high rate of engagement which eventually gets you likes, shares, forwards and comments.

Discussion Topics & Submissions

When you post questions and answers and take part in discussion in forums and groups, ensure to use the right keywords that describe your business best and use links that get you the desired results. Instead of being overly marketing and sales oriented, use words and submit content that would solve people’s problems and give the most suitable solution possible. People like real good honest answers and comments, and value the contributor and his business. It is a great way to subtly build your brand persona.

Case Studies & White Papers

Well-researched and articulated Case Studies and White Papers attracts and retains niche and real prospects and readers who could potentially become your regular followers or customers.

Wonderful method for marketing of high-tech or professional solutions and services.

Downloadable E-assets

Downloadable contents such as e-books and research papers can be promoted to prove your expertise and attract an inquisitive and knowledge-hungry audience towards your website who could potentially become your long-lasting clients.

Videos, Slideshows & Infographics

Multimedia and graphical contents such as Videos, Slideshows and Infographics play a significant role in garnering a sizable audience towards your brand and business if promoted consciously and with a purpose. You have to buy the Best Link Building Packages for highly rewarding digital marketing results.

Paid Ads Methods

Most common and effective forms of Paid Ads are Google PPC Ads, Google Display Ads, Facebook Ads and YouTube Ads. Ads with excellent ad copies/storyboards give far-reaching results.


To sum up and in simple terms, effective Digital Marketing is all about understanding the goals, perfecting the process, implementing in the right way and measuring and monitoring its effectiveness periodically with necessary corrections. Use both Paid and non-paid Digital Marketing methods as per your necessity.

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