Kids Braces: How to Maintain Your Kid’s Oral Health

Kids Braces


Kids need to be taught how to take care of their overall oral hygiene through essential habits that need to be followed through a routine. It is the role of a parent to ensure and oversee that the oral hygiene and health of their children are maintained by following essential dental habits and routines.

For kids wearing braces, parents need to pay extra attention to make sure their child is taking all the necessary steps to sustain the braces through the treatment time. At a young age, kids may not have the necessary awareness to take the right steps every day to take care of their teeth through braces treatment.

Brush Your Teeth Regularly

It is essential to brush at least twice a day when you are wearing braces to remove all the food particles that can get stuck in the wires and brackets. Residing food particles in the spaces between your teeth and braces can lead to the development of plaque with time. Therefore, it is necessary to brush your teeth regularly with the right kind of brush and toothpaste for efficient cleaning. You can also give your kids interdental brushes to remove the food particles that get stuck after every meal.

Develop the Habit of Flossing

Flossing may seem like a time-consuming process in the beginning, but once the kids get used to it, they can include this habit in their daily routine. Flossing your teeth will help to get rid of the deep-rooted particles from your teeth and braces that cannot be removed by brushing. Also, flossing your teeth at regular intervals will help to maintain the health of your gums and reduce bad breath.

Avoid Food Items that are Full of Sugar

It is necessary to monitor that your kid is having sugary food items in fewer amounts when they are fitted with braces. Food items with excess sugar such as sweets, candies, chocolates, etc. can increase the risk of developing cavities that will need to be treated separately. Also, make sure your child does not eat too many hard food particles that can bend or break parts of the braces. To avoid such mishaps, you can try the makeO toothsi aligners. These are invisible aligners that can be removed before eating or brushing.

Visit Your Orthodontist at Regular Intervals

You need to make sure that your child is visiting the orthodontist at regular intervals that are set up during the treatment. Visiting your orthodontist at decided intervals will ensure that the braces treatment is on track and any developing issues are noticed. Apart from the set treatment, your dentist will also make sure that any noticeable issues developed during the process are treated.

Avoid Biting

Children have a knack to use their teeth to open bottle caps, tear a packet, or chew on items such as pencils, fingernails, etc. Such activities can damage the braces and hinder the teeth correction process. It is necessary to make your kids aware that they should restrain from using their teeth for non-eating activities to safeguard their braces.

In the end, you can maintain the oral health of your kids by inculcating some strong habits and routines that keep dental problems away. As a parent, you will have to monitor your child’s dental habits to create a foundation for the right routines to be followed while also keeping the bad habits at bay. You can check out the makeO toothsi aligners to provide a risk-free and comfortable smile transformation experience for your kid.

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