How to Get a Salon-Grade Result for a Fraction of the Price

best Babyliss hair dryer for fine hair


While you may think that the  best Babyliss hair dryer for fine hair is always the most expensive, or that the one with the most customer reviews is always the best, it’s not. How do I know? Because I’ve personally tried about twenty of these devices on my own hair.

It wasn’t always easy finding the right one, though. While many people think they can just buy whichever one has the biggest name on it, or even just looks nice, what really ends up mattering is performance. I made this discovery before I started my search when I took a look at some of the top sellers in this category and was surprised to see how many negative reviews they got. It made me realize that there’s a lot more to these things than meets the eye.

Once I started looking around online for top-notch products in this category, I found a lot of great information online from technical experts who’d taken a deep dive into this subject. And in this article I am going to share these tips about how to How to Get a Salon-Grade Result for a Fraction of the Price. These tips are;

Understand the advantages of a ceramic-based hair dryer

A ceramic-based hair dryer can be a salon-grade hair dryer. The quality of the air that comes out of it is identical to what you’d get from a salon-grade hair dryer. It also costs less than half as much, and will probably last longer.

The trick is to understand how to use it. If you try using it like a regular hair dryer, you’ll get terrible results: the air flow is too low and too hot. But if you use it like an ionic hair dryer, you’ll get great results: the air flow is high enough and cool enough.

This isn’t just my opinion; I’ve tried both kinds of hair dryers, and this is confirmed by measurements that showed that the air coming out of a ceramic-based hair dryer was identical to the air coming out of a salon-grade ionic hair dryer.

The result of a salon-quality blowout is a rich, lustrous look that lasts for days. It’s also expensive to achieve (and maintain) at home.

But if you’re willing to invest some time and effort, you can score the same results on your own for pennies using the right straightener and ceramic-based hair dryer.

Clarify the difference between ceramic and ionic hair dryers

You may have a vague sense that ceramic and ionic hair dryers are different. You may even have a strong opinion about which is better. But can you tell what the difference is?

In fact there are two differences between ceramic and ionic hair dryers, and only one of them matters. The first difference, which doesn’t matter, is that ceramic hair dryers typically use ions but not electrons, while ionic hair dryers typically use both ions and electrons. There’s nothing wrong with ion-only hair dryers; they’re just not as good as electron-only hair dryers. If you want something cheaper than an electron-only hair dryer, a good choice would be a ceramic hair dryer.

So now you know about the first difference between ceramic and ionic hair dryers: one uses ions but not electrons, the other uses both ions and electrons. Because those two things sound very similar, many people assume that they must be doing the same thing. Many people also assume that because the names sound similar, they must do something different from each other. They’re wrong on both counts!

Understand why a Baby liss Ceramic Hair Dryer is a good choice for fine hair

If you have long, fine hair, a salon-quality Baby liss Ceramic Hair Dryer will make a big difference. It will cut your hair drying time from the usual half an hour to fifteen minutes or less. It will reduce frizz and fly aways. And it will give you a shiny finish no home hair dryer can match.

The secret is in the way it manages airflow. Most home hair dryers force hot air through small holes in a metal grill at the end of a tube. A salon-quality Babyliss Ceramic Hair Dryer instead puts most of its heat into ceramic platters that sit right next to your hair. That means the hot air flows over your hair slowly, giving you more control and helping to eliminate frizz and fly aways.

What’s more, ceramic can absorb and retain more heat than metal, so this type of dryer stays hotter longer. That means it takes less time to do your whole head of hair.

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Nose rings have been in fashion for hundreds of years, and their charm hasn’t faded yet. Whether you want to wear a nose ring for aesthetic or cultural purposes, we have good news for you. To match the ever-growing demand for trendy nose rings, jewelers worldwide have created endless designs and options. From the latest nose ring designs in gold to the uber-chic hoop nose ring designs in silver- the range of options is seemingly endless. But before you go out shopping, read this guide till the end, so you’re aware of all the popular nose ring types available in the market.

Most Popular Nose Ring Types for the Modern Woman

If you’re someone who uses jewelry as a form of expression, you’ll love the different available nose rings types shared below:

1. Fishtail

A custom nose ring, the fishtail is ideal for those who hate nose screws. If your nose shape and size make it difficult to safely place other types of nose rings, a fishtail can be your best bet. A fishtail nose ring is made by customizing a 19mm long bar according to precise requirements. It is stylish, elegant, and affordable.

2. Gemstone Nose Rings

If you love precious ladies diamond necklace, you’ll love the gemstone nose rings too.  Available in various beautiful designs and styles, gemstone nose rings can be a great addition to your jewelry box. Despite having multiple designs, what makes all these rings special is the precious gemstone studded intricately. You can purchase one having your birthstone gemstone or your favorite jewel. It goes perfectly with every outfit and accentuates your beauty like no other.

3. Half Hoop

Teens and young adults would love wearing nose hoops as it never runs out of fashion. These are c-shaped half-circles made with gold, silver, and platinum. The best part about these nose rings is that they suit women with any nose shape and size. If you love wearing nose rings that are lightweight and exude a sophisticated look, you have to go ahead with a half hoop nose ring. You can wear it every day to college, office, or anywhere you want.

4. Horseshoe Nose Ring

People with septum piercing wear horseshoe nose rings for aesthetic purposes. These rings look like an incomplete circle with a singular bead on each end. What makes this nose rings special is the customization feature. You can change the beads on either side with your favorite gemstone to get a statement piece exclusive to you.

5. Septum Clickers

If you love standing out from the crowd, septum clickers are for you. Dominated by intricate details, precious metal, and captivating design, these nose rings have a straight bar and a circle hanging from them. The bar goes straight inside the piercing, while the circle elegantly remains outside the septum, flaunting the attached sparkling gems of varying shape and size. These nose rings are unique and perfect for women who love creating trends instead of always following one.

Besides the most popular and trending nose ring types discussed above, the market also has a corkscrew nose ring, straight barbell nose ring, nose bone stud ring, captive bead nose ring, and many others that you can check out if you’re looking for more variety.

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