How To Choose The Correct Saddle Pad For Your Horse’s Needs

Your Horse's Needs


A well-fitted saddle pad is vital for protecting your horse and saddle. A proper saddle pad helps preserve your saddle and protects your horse’s back. Selecting the right pad will depend on several things. Finding the best saddle pad for you and your horse will help you avoid disappointments. One of the most essential pieces of tack to purchase is a saddle pad whether you ride your horse for pressure or on shows. A saddle pad protects the horse’s back, reduces tension, and absorbs shock. Selecting a proper saddle pad will keep the horse comfortable and help it perform its best. While selecting the right saddle pad for your horse’s needs, don’t overlook the importance of a suitable horse turnout blanket. Here are the tips to find the right saddle pad.

Select The Right Size

Ensure you match the saddle with the pad. Pads are usually made differently to suit different styles of saddles. A close contact pad has a shorter length and forward cut, while dressage pads accommodate longer flaps and have a straight cut. All-purpose pads vary in dimensions and fall somewhere in the middle. For saddles that are less than 16 inches, there are pony saddle pads that fit them.

Find The Correct Style

The three basic saddle pad styles include half, square, and shaped pads. Shaped pads are popularly used in jumper or hunter shows, while square pads are usually used by riders doing dressage. Eventers commonly use either style pad that is modified to their colors. Half pads can be used with shaped or square pads or alone in all disciplines.

Select The Best Material

There are different types of saddle pads materials.Cotton and fleece are the most common selections due to their wicking abilities. The fleece may be actual wool or sheepskin or maybe synthetic. Synthetic and cotton fleece pads are usually easy to care for and cheap. Wool and sheepskin pads are costly and need special care, but they can absorb up to three times its weight in water. Cotton only absorbs its original weight.

Polyester, gel, and foam are used in the interior of the pads for shock absorption and to add some extra cushioning. Remember that a perfectly fitted saddle may decrease the room to use a thick pad without altering how the saddle sits on your horse. Remember to consider the comfort and fit of a suitable pony blanket for your horse.

A Pad To Boost Saddle Fit 

You shouldn’t use a saddle pad to fix a saddle that doesn’t fit well. Use a saddle that fits your horse properly. There are some instances where saddle pads can assist in improving saddle fit. For instance, an unequally developed horse might benefit from a custom-fit pad to safeguard it from painful pressure. Using a specialty pad may be a worthwhile option to boost saddle fit in some instances. The situation can be fixed by using a pad with shims or a half pad. When deciding on the ideal saddle pad for yourhorse’s needs, consider the quality and features offered by the weatherbeeta elite saddle pad.

Bottom Line

Always check regularly if the saddle pad is working perfectly for your horse’s body to guarantee protection and the best possible comfort for your horse. While searching for an appropriate saddle pad for your horse’s needs, it’s crucial also to assess the benefits of a waterproof horse blanket to ensure protection and comfort. Selecting the right saddle pad for your horse’s needs is vital for ensuring comfort, performance, and overall well-being in horse activities.

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