How to Check a Car Before Buying

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Buying a used car can be risky, so it is essential to correctly assess the car for technical conditions and legal clearances in advance. In this article, we will tell you all the necessary details and procedures on how to check a car before buying

Database check

Before a complete inspection, make sure to check the car for legal complications. This small procedure can even save you from visiting a car service in Mumbai after that.

To check the car for databases, you must know the VIN or VIN-code, this is the unique identification number of the car. Often you can find such a number indicated on the ad itself, and sometimes they hide it. If you like the ad, but it doesn’t contain the VIN code, ask the seller to send it. If he refuses to do so, explain that the VIN code itself is not a secret, and anyone can easily look at it on a plate under the windshield. If the seller still flatly refuses to send the VIN code, it’s better not to go for such a car.

Inspection of different transport systems

You can easily determine the technical condition of the car with the thorough inspection of the car system.

Brake discs

This is one of the most informative parts of the car you need to pay special attention to. Apart from the estimated distance traveled, their condition tells a lot about the owner’s driving style. You need to take a closer look at the edges of the disc. To make a thorough inspection, it is required to unscrew the front wheel as far as it will go. If the distance between the tires and disc is more than 2 mm, it means the car has already traveled more than 100 thousand kilometers.

These parameters differ along with the manual and automatic transmission models since both have different braking principles. In addition, do not lose vigilance, as the car owner could change the wells a couple of times during the car’s operation.

Tire Tread

Some might suggest that this figure does not indicate the period of use. This is because everyone changes tires usually twice a year. However, according to the best car service center in Mumbai, checking tread wear is necessary. If the treads are asymmetrical, it can be due to incorrect camber and toe settings. In addition, it can also be the sign of suspension problems or geometry problems after an accident.


Often, sellers forget to change them. The pedals have rubber pads that wear with the use of the car. If they are scuffed up to the metal base, this represents that the car has already achieved a mileage of 200 to 300 thousand kilometers. If they are completely new, it raises questions.

Inspecting the steering wheel

The leather steering wheel is the hub of information. It is easy to replace the steering wheel, but it is expensive, and it’s almost impossible to restore it in its original conditions. Also, do not forget to evaluate the condition of the buttons, they are the first to hint at wear.

At Getpitstop, we offer you to determine the actual condition of the car before suggesting repairs for free. Perhaps you did not know, but many services charge you money for this service.

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