How Does The Surface Have To Be Prepared Before Applying Ceramic Coating On Boats?

Ceramic Coating On Boats


A properly maintained boat is the reason for happiness in a sailor’s life. While owning a boat itself is a dream that only a few can fulfill, maintaining it like a new one is a real challenge. Since your marine vessel always gets exposed to harsh weather, it is necessary to keep your boat protected from damages. The boating market has numerous products for maintenance, such as coating, waxes, and more. A ceramic spray for boats is grabbing attention because of its easy application and perfect protection benefit. For DIYers, here are simple tips that help you apply a ceramic coating on boats perfectly.

Why ceramic coating?

Among the numerous options available, ceramic coating is the most appropriate choice that adds an extra layer of protection beyond what gel coating offers. Your boat is an investment, more specifically an investment that builds memories.

Ceramic is a durable material, which is formed by covalent and ionic bonds. The unique qualities of the material make it perfect for use in harsh weather conditions. With the extreme hardness, low thermal expansion, high melting points, and high resistance chemicals, ceramic is the desired choice to be used in the marine environment.

Before applying a ceramic coating to your boat, keep a few things in your mind.

Wash your boat:

Before coating your boat with ceramic, cleaning the surface is necessary because any dirt can interfere with the ceramic application. Your boat needs bathing, especially when it undergoes some heavy work recently. There are a few steps to maintain for cleaning your boat. With some specialized tools and a good hose, you can easily clean your boat like an expert.

Keep your boat free from oils and waxes:

It is one of the major steps that ensure the coating bonds correctly with the boat. You can use denatured alcohol wipes to clean the boat surface, removing any residue of oils and wax. It maintains and nurtures the surface perfectly to enhance the potential of ceramic coating.

Applying the coating:

It is probably the easiest step in the whole process of preparing your boat surface and coating your boat with a ceramic spray for boats. Once you are fully satisfied with the cleanliness of the surface, you can move to the next major process, which is coating.

Depending on your working style, you can choose supplies. The most basic ones are a bottle of solar defense, the supplied application pad, and clean microfiber towels.

Choose the space of your boat to start your coating with. It can be the hull or other positions, depending on your preferences.

A topcoat:

Some ceramic coating also needs a top coating to keep the layer underneath protected. For this, easy-to-use sprays are there to make the task easier. Top coating adds additional gloss to the coat, adding an extra layer of protection also.

Types of ceramic coating:

Two common terms in ceramic coating every boatowner is familiar with are permanent and degradable. Permanent coating, as the name says, coats your boat permanently. But, the truth is something different. In the name of permanent coating, companies offer low quality that starts fading after a few years. degradable ceramic coating, on the other hand, has a specific lifespan. Once it degrades, you can also reapply the coating to make your boat new again.

To enhance the lasting coating, you need to take care of the maintenance of it. Non-abrasive and high-foam soaps are perfect for cleaning the ceramic surface, protecting it from unnecessary color fading.

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