How Does an Accessibility Overlay Boost your Site’s Navigation?

accessibility overlay


Unfortunately, there are approximately 350 million websites in the USA, out of which only 2% of them are accessible by people with physical disabilities. There are about 20% of the total population in the USA with physical disabilities, leaving just one out of five people without proper access to the Internet. It has been one of the most significant developments in history, and it is accessed by just such a small segment of people with disabilities is sad.

Accessibility overlays are popular automated applications that lie between the website or your digital content and any sort of assistive technology. This accessibility overlay, however, is not a separate site but a toolset inside your website. It customizes the interface of the website, and you are able to reap benefits for your business within a short time.

Take, for example, you have an e-commerce store, and you want it to be accessible to everyone, even with people with disabilities. An accessibility overlay will ensure you reach out to about 61 million such adults in America. This means you will get a host of sales opportunities and many customers in just a few days of installing it.

The technologies of an accessibility overlay function by identifying issues in site accessibility. It modifies the code of a web page and not the underlying source code of your site with a snippet of JavaScript.

These technologies are available in the form of a toolbar, plugin, app, or widget. They have panels with an option of custom settings like increasing the font size of the text. Users can generally activate the accessibility overlay to enjoy features and adjust the appearance of the page.

Make the work of the developers more streamlined

When you use overlays, developers save time on codes. They can optimize their creative juices and allow them to flow freely as they design an attractive and functional site for the business. They offer closer attention to what your website needs and become productive in creating the best effects.

Choosing the ideal accessibility overlay for your business

Accessibility overlays are not the same. They generally differ with respect to their effectiveness and expanse. You need to take into consideration these factors when you are selecting the best solution for your business. They make a huge difference in the quality of your site’s compliance and experience.

The power of artificial intelligence

In order to cater to everyone with physical disabilities, you should use extensive solutions with potent capabilities like artificial intelligence. AI helps you to comprehend the context of the site and its architecture. It gives you correct accessibility guidelines that you can consistently incorporate into your site.

Businesses should remember that achieving regulatory compliance and accessibility is vital for the success of their business. You can invest and explore this innovative solution with an accessibility overlay for reaping significant returns on your business and more benefits in a lesser period of time. It allows you to fulfill the digital social responsibility for creating an inclusive environment online.

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