Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania- Embracing Safe Farming Practices To Save The Planet

Embracing Safe Farming Practices


Greenhouse gases, pollution, and climate change are affecting the planet adversely. It is high time that people wake up to conserve the environment to protect Mother Earth for future generations. Farmers should switch to sustainable farming practices to reduce the carbon footprint on the Earth. With the help of these steps, the soil and the biodiversity of the planet will no longer be adversely affected and can be preserved for future generations to enjoy.

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania- the need for sustainable farming practices to protect the planet 

 Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania is an esteemed food production house that specializes in egg shells and other farming products. The team of experts here is passionate about the environment and deeply connected to the land. They extensively deploy wind and solar power for their day-to-day farming practices and conserve water with the help of a unique water treatment facility. The water they use for washing eggs is filtered and sent back to the soil. Besides caring for the environment, the team also focuses a lot on animal welfare. It has received several certifications in animal welfare and is known to ensure its chickens are given vegetarian feed and bred in a clean, healthy environment.

The company takes care of all its employees with a number of employee-benefit schemes and insurance. It also believes in serving the community and regularly donates to homeless shelters so that poor people can bounce back to life with dignity.

Reducing carbon footprint is the need of the day 

When it comes to the environment, climate change and global warming are significant threats to man and all the living species that inhabit the planet. In order to reduce its carbon footprint on the Earth, the farms are close to their customers. They ensure their customers receive organic food products that are entirely free from any synthetic chemicals.

Known for animal welfare  

Hillandale Farms Pennsylvania has earned several certifications for animal welfare and ensures that all the staff that works on the farms have been background-checked. Besides sustainable and organic farming practices, these farms donate to homeless shelters regularly. They are passionate about the cause as they believe that no one lives on the streets by choice. They endeavor to help the poor and the needy with no home so that they can bounce back on their feet and lead a respectable life.

The staffs at these farms are dedicated to raising chickens in a safe and clean environment. They ensure that the birds are given vegetarian feed and are breed cage-free. The eggs are not hatched as they are sold in the market. All of the food products that the farms produce are organic and free from chemical synthetics that are generally found in fertilizers and pesticides for increasing food production.

Even the demand for organic food products has increased after the coronavirus pandemic, as people are conscious about the food they consume. They do not wish to consume food or dairy products that have been grown with chemicals found in synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

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