Glam Up with Real Pearl Necklace

Glam Up with Real Pearl Necklace


“Pearls are perfect for every occasion” A piece of fashion advice from Coco Chanel certainly suggests that pearls are glamorous. Wearing a set of real pearl necklace is a sign of sophistication. It’s a timeless piece of jewel that can glam up any look, be it a chiffon saree or little black dress.

This lustrous and pristine jewel is formed in the shell of an oyster in water. There are four types of natural pearls.

Freshwater pearls – These are cultured pearls and are often cultivated in ponds, lakes and rivers. They come in a variety of colours such as shades of white, shades of peach and pink, and shades of lavender and are often oval-shaped and off-rounded. It has a distinctive texture and a warm-satiny lustre.

Saltwater pearls – Popularly known as Akoya pearls. These are high-quality pearls. They are smoother in texture and rounder in shape with great lustre.

South sea pearls –These pearls are bigger and expensive because they are formed inside a large white-lipped oyster and take a long time to harvest from the depth of the waterbody. They have great lustre and have a smooth finish.

How to identify a real pearl necklace?

The easiest way to identify a real pearl is by feeling the texture of the pearl against your teeth. The texture of the real pearl will not feel smooth, it will have a sandy feel to it. On the other hand, if the pearl feels real smooth to the teeth, then it is a sign that it is likely fake.

Types of pearl necklaces

Rope of pearls–A classic rope of pearls is a wardrobe essential. It can be teamed up in different styles with a dress, jeans, or saree. It is a playful piece of jewellery that will look good at all times.

Pearl choker – Do you enjoy wearing chokers a lot? Well, a pearl choker would likely be your best friend. Multiple stranded choker, for instances, a five-line freshwater pearl choker, will have a body that can be teamed up with any traditional wear. However, if you want something for regular everyday wear, then a single line choker will be perfect for you. The best part about single-stranded chokers is that they can glam up any look western or traditional.

Two-line pearl necklace – A peach coloured two-line pearl necklace with different sizes is something that can be worn on a regular basis. Team it up with any of your dresses, and you are good to go.

Three-line pearl necklace–A triple-stranded pearl necklace is a statement piece that would perfectly team up with a silk saree. These necklaces have a rich look, perhaps a mix of a different shade of pearl may appeal to you. But one can never go wrong with a classic three-line neckpiece with a gold pendant on the sides.

Real pearl necklaces are a timeless piece of jewel that will last you a lifetime and can be passed on to future generations. The Pearl is certainly the queen of gems one must have in their collection.

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