Finance factors: trends for making your financial service shine

financial service shine


The financial services industry is one that requires an intelligent approach to digital marketing. This includes staying on top of the latest trends to ensure your service is standing out above the rest.

Get on board with these seven  financial communications trends to take your agency to new heights of conversions:

Data-driven marketing

Data integration provides marketers the opportunity to tell how well content and campaigns are performing. Emails, social media and web analytics all create and benefit from using plenty of data, and it can all be used to your agency’s advantage.

There are many examples of how data-driven marketing can enhance your agency’s digital standing, including conversion rate optimisation, retargeting, data-driven content and more.


Chatbots are hugely beneficial for financial agencies as they help clients with important queries as well as to perform other functions like pay bills and report activity.

What’s more, your client wants to know that they can quickly reach your agency without too many hurdles and without any holdups. Chatbots alleviate a lot of the pressure on staff who may be busy doing other important customer-focused duties as they can take care of smaller requests on their behalf.

Content marketing

Financial services require a robust content strategy that can reach consumers across multiple channels. Your content marketing strategy should include everything from case studies, infographics, videos, blogs, SEO and other content forms to reach potential clients.

Video content

Video is becoming the ultimate form of content when it comes to social media marketing. Why? Because people simply don’t want to sit there reading page after page of financial information when they have other things to do – they want someone to quickly tell them the gist so that they can decide whether it’s right for them, decide on whether to enlist the service or not and then get on with their day.

Video content is the ultimate way to reach potential clients on a quick and informative level – don’t overlook it going forward.

Live streams

Live streams as well as webinars are a great way for financial agencies to generate new leads. You can schedule guests and experts to come on your live streams and provide information to potential and existing customers.

You can then go on to bank these recorded webinars in an easy-to-access place for your customers to return to if they want to learn about a particular topic, and this is all works to promote your agency as an authority in the financial sector.

Bringing in top talent

As the world integrates with data-driven approaches to marketing it will be important to have staff who know how to put that data to good use. When looking for new, valuable talent, you should be considering positions like “Chief Analytics Officer” and “Digital Project Manager” – these are people who can combine data with functional duties to drive conversions and they will continue to become more valuable as time goes on.


Utilise Big Data to provide personalised offerings and product suggestions. This is already popular amongst big tech companies but can also be utilised by financial agencies.

Personalisation doesn’t just occur overnight, and requires A/B and other experiments before segmenting customers and providing them personalised offerings through marketing automation  and AI.

Financial agencies can experience outstanding benefits from incorporating multiple of the above-listed trends. They are designed to optimise your digital presence and provide your agency with a whole host of new leads and conversions.

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