Exquisite Indian Art for your Living Room

Kalighat painting


Indian art is a beautiful mixture of colors, patterns and symbols. It has been passed down from one generation to another in India. In addition to being a cultural tradition, it has also been used as decoration for Indian homes. As you walk into someone’s home you will find paintings hung on the walls or displayed on shelves or other surfaces throughout the house. Today, Indian painting is still very popular around the world and it can be found everywhere from homes to art galleries. There are many different types of artwork that have come out of this culture that is simply perfect for your living room. To explore those Indian art forms, read the blog till the end.

1. Pichwai Paintings

Pichwai is a cultural art form that came into existence more than 400 years ago in Rajasthan. These paintings allow people to form a peaceful atmosphere in the living room with exquisite artwork of Lord Krishna, also famous as Srinathji. Being one of the beautiful spiritual painting styles, they were primarily hung as backdrops in temples. But, nowadays people love to adorn their living space because they look so artistic yet beautiful.

When you decide to hang a Pichwai painting in your lovely living room, you will just have to wait for the compliments for your unique choice of décor. No matter what color or pattern your wall features, it will make it look better!

2. Pattachitra Paintings

Pattachitra Painting is a form of ancient Indian art, which is very interesting, and it’s done on a cloth or paper with natural dyes. The paintings are usually either geometric designs or depictions from Hindu mythology. If you’re looking for something beautiful to put in your living room that also has meaning behind it, then this may be the perfect choice for you!

These paintings are just perfect for living rooms with any theme because they are very versatile and amplify the beauty of the space in seconds. You need not add anything else to the living room to make it beautiful because these paintings are enough!

3. Classical Indian Art

Classical Indian Art, also known as Indian Miniature Paintings is one of the best forms of art from Indian culture. These are exclusive ones as they are created on a very small canvas, majorly ivory panels, palm leaves, wood pieces, and cloths. From designing to colors, every aspect looks so intricate that it can make thousands of fans at a first glance.

Discussing about the painting characteristics, they showcase the life of ancient people, including their lifestyle, source of entertainment, education, etc. At present, miniature artwork has got a modern touch where paintings show a lot more than just ancient lifestyle. There are paintings with animals, nature, birds, etc. Such paintings will give a decorative look to your living room instantly!

4. Landscape Paintings

The goodness of nature is well described in Indian culture many times. Therefore, nature or landscape paintings deserve a mention in this blog. A Landscape painting in your living space will depict how much you are connected to mother nature.

In addition to telling about your personality, nature paintings in the living room will become a point of conversation amongst people in the home and your visitors. Different elements of nature in the paintings will ensure your living room looks no less a artistic place. All the positivity will come to your home in seconds with this painting.

5. Kalighat Paintings

Kalighat painting is an exceptional form of art that came from West Bengal, India. It highlights Hindu Gods to help everyone stay happy and positive. When you place a Kalighat painting in the living room, you will immediately feel all the good vibes. It will help spread a spiritual mood in the house and enjoy the blessings of Goddess Durga & Kali all the time. Looking at this painting daily in the living room will help you become a motivated personality!


These are all the exquisite Indian painting styles that are all set to decorate your living room anytime. All you have to do is to identify your best painting style and purchase a painting for the living space. Each piece will look stunning and exclusive!

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