Electronic Cigarettes Vs. Regular Cigarettes

Regular Cigarettes


E-cigarettes are simple at their core. You can make it more complicated by adding nicotine, but at their most basic they heat the liquid to produce vapour that you inhale. This is crucial because people tend to focus too much on the device when making decisions about the e-cigarette starter kits they want. The liquid inside is what should be considered more important by new starters.

The nicotine level, or the amount of it in the liquid, is what is most important. This is more complex than comparing the nicotine levels in cigarettes and finding an e-liquid that has similar nicotine levels. Comparing the nicotine in a cigarette to an e-cigarette can be one of the most dangerous things you could do.

The Science

All the ingredients of a cigarette are burned and mixed when you light up a cigarette. The nicotine molecules in the smoke bond with almost all of the 4000 chemicals found in cigarettes and start to enter your body.

While some nicotine can be absorbed through your nose and mouth, the majority of smoke reaches your lungs.

Once they are in your lungs, they travel into your alveoli. These millions of tiny air sacs make up your lungs and carry oxygen from your blood to your lungs. The nicotine then makes its way into your brain. This is all made faster by adding chemicals such as ammonia or tar to the mix. It helps nicotine slip through your lungs and into your bloodstream.

Vapour from e-cigarettes can be different. The most common theory is that nicotine binds to water when it is smoked. E-cigarettes are free from all chemicals such as tar and ammonia. The nicotine in e-cigarettes is almost 10x larger than that found in smoking since water is one the largest molecules.

This Is Because Nicotine Mixed With Water Can’t Be Absorbed Quickly.

Because the alveoli in your lungs are so small, some nicotine/water molecules won’t fit and can’t enter the bloodstream. This means that you have less nicotine in your blood. Vapour isn’t tarnished or ammonia so nicotine absorption is slower than a cigarette.

Cigarettes are more effective in getting nicotine (and other carcinogenic chemicals) into your bloodstream. The graph below shows that nicotine from cigarettes rises quickly (the green line), while nicotine from electronic cigarettes (the blue line), takes longer and doesn’t work as well to get into your bloodstream.Order heets for iqos for yourself from sticks.sale

What Does This All Mean?

This means that it is impossible to directly compare the nicotine content of a cigarette and an e-cigarette. A cigarette is more addictive than an e-cigarette. We have tried to give you a guideline using the most popular types of cigarettes. We couldn’t include any brands as there are more than 1200 types of cigarettes. They range in nicotine from 0.2% up to 4.2%. To make things a little clearer, we have added the daily consumption of cigarettes.

The amount of nicotine absorbed from vaping or smoking can vary for many reasons. It can be affected by everything from how hot your atomiser is to how stressed out you feel at the moment.

The strength of nicotine is not always as straightforward as people think. Therefore, we recommend that you pick a stronger strength than what you think you’ll need at first. The first few days are crucial. If the strength is not strong enough, it will not be as effective. You are more likely to relapse if you start with lower strength.

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