Contracting with the GovernmentFor The Tenders

Contracting with the GovernmentFor The Tenders


To buy products and services, the Ontario government releases requests for bids and invitations to quote. The Ontario Tenders Board lists open competitive opportunities. Agreements are then made with a certain vendor or businesses.

These thresholds are determined by trade treaties to which Ontario is a party.

A vendor of record agreement may also exist, which permits several vendors to deliver products or services to ministries for a set length of time under specific terms, conditions, and pricing.

The Registry, Appraisal, and Qualification System (RAQS) is used by the Ministry of Transportation to publicise big capital construction projects.

Make a career as a government vendor

There are processes involved in becoming a government vendor of record. The steps listed below will guide you through the procedure. These include where to look for vendor of record agreements, bidding procedures, and possible future steps.

Step 1: Research your vendor alternatives.

Competitive open

For items priced at $25,000 or more, ministries must use an open competitive procurement procedure, and all consulting services, regardless of value, must use a competitive approach.

A large or difficult project can be broken down into smaller segments. Individual tendering documents include specifications for each part.

A ministry may decide to run a competition for a large project with distinct stages that can be awarded to the same vendor as long as the vendor is successful at each step and meets the directive’s conditions.

Competitive invitational

For commodities under $25,000 and services under $100,000, ministries may employ an invitational competitive procurement method. During this process, at least three suitable suppliers are invited to submit a written proposal in response to the written requirements of the ministry.

Record arrangement vendor

Requests for bids are submitted on the Ontario govt tenders Portal to create vendor of record arrangements, which are then followed by a transparent and competitive procurement process.

Bidders who successfully meet the requirements of the request for bid and subsequently sign a master agreement with the government are designated as vendors of record.

Vendor of record agreements enable ministries to receive routinely procured goods and services in less time than if the government e procurement process were started from scratch.

Vendors of record arrangements come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

There are several types of VOR setups, which include:

Enterprise-wide vendor of record agreements can minimise procurement costs by giving ministries access to one or more contracted suppliers of goods and services shared by many ministries.

When over one ministry requires a specific good/service but there happens to beinadequate demand for an enterprise-wide plan, a multi-ministry vendor of record agreements is established.

Individual ministries establish ministry-specific vendors of record arrangements for their exclusive usage.

Record arrangements will be sold by a new vendor in the near future.

The Vendor of Record Program – Three-Year Outlook alerts suppliers to impending enterprise-wide VOR arrangements based on the following criteria: category, intended posting date, expected start date, and client users.

The VOR number

Fees are determined prior to the start of work and are dependent on the contract’s terms and conditions.Fees are not calculated by ministries depending on the outcomes of work of the consultant.

In some circumstances, the government will set a ceiling price for required work and disclose it in procurement documents. The maximum price specified in the documents cannot be exceeded.

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