Can You Really Practice Basketball Shooting Drills At Home

Basketball Shooting


Do you want to get better at shooting hoops? Of course! But where can you do that? Well, there are a few different options. You could go outside and use your driveway or backyard for catch-and-shoot basketball drills. This is great if the weather in your area is nice enough for it. You could practice in front of a mirror or on an empty basketball court with no net (sometimes called “no-ball”). These are all good ways to practice, but what if it’s raining outside, too cold, or dark before bedtime when you’re practicing catch and shoot drills inside? There’s another option, practicing your basketball shooting drills at home!

Why do you need to practice your shooting at home?

Practicing at home has some benefits. You can do it whenever you want, for as long or short of a time as you’d like. There’s no need to catch the bus or try to convince your parents that staying out late is necessary.

Another reason for practicing at home is that it can help take your game to the next level. Practicing basketball shoot game tricks, like double-pumping and crossover shooting motions, will feel more natural when you do them at home because there are no distractions or other people to catch you in action!

What do you need to practice at home?

  • Basketball hoops. These are for shooting at-not for hanging on the wall.
  • Basketballs. It would help if you had a ball dedicated to “shooting practice” and one that you catch during games, too.
  • An outdoor area to shoot hoops in. This can be your driveway or backyard (if it’s large enough).
  • Plenty of space for shooting drills and practicing. If possible, try using different spots around your court: layup lines, free-throw lines; corner shots; wing shots; baseline jumpers, etc… The more comfortale you are with shooting from all over the floor, the better!
  • A partner or friend who can help you with your shooting drills.Practice makes perfect! Having someone else there to catch your shots and rebound for you will keep things realistic. If you don’t have anyone to practice with, just shooting alone is better than nothing or you could find someone good at coaching basketball shooting to help out.
  • Practice, practice, practice.The more time you spend shooting the ball at home or in your driveway/backyard, even if it’s by yourself, the easier it will become to take game-time shots.

Do these things so when an opportunity to shoot strikes (especially during a game), you’ll be ready with the best shooting drills for basketball, and confident knowing exactly what shot to take and how much power needs to go behind it.

Tips on practicing your shooting drills at home

  • Make sure the ball is the right size and weight for your age. This is important because it’s hard to catch and shoot on time if the ball is too big. If the ball is too small or light for you, power will be lost when taking shots.
  • Practice makes perfect! Shoot as many shots as you can in one minute to really improve your skills. This drill helps kids get used to shooting under pressure (just like they’ll have to do during a game) while also developing stamina.
  • Remember that it’s not just about making baskets-use these basketball shooting drills to work on form, balance, and technique too! Shooting in basketball with proper form (elbow at 90 degrees) over and over again will help develop muscle memory, which means better shot accuracy down the line. It also helps to know your form too-for example, if you’re shooting right-handed but are left-handed, that will affect where the ball goes.
  • Keep track of how many shots you make each time, so you know where to focus next time around (or try a new drill). If it’s not working at first, don’t give up! Sometimes, all it takes is trying something different or adding in one small thing to see big improvements over time.

Mistakes to avoid in your shooting

People make some common mistakes when practicing basketball shooting drills at home; don’t worry if this sounds familiar! We’ll discuss how you can fix these problems below.

  • Thumb on Shooting Hand: This means having too much pressure on the thumb holding the ball while taking a shot. The solution is simple: relax! Easier said than done? It’s essential to keep reminding yourself throughout practice not to put so much pressure on the ball with your thumb.
  • Thumb on Guide Hand: This means having too much pressure between your shooting hand’s thumb and index finger when making a catch. It can feel like you’re pinching something, which is uncomfortable! The solution? Relax-just let go of that tension in your hands. Don’t be afraid to shake them out before practicing shots if they feel stiff or tense from lack of use during downtime throughout this past season.
  • Unnecessary Jerky Movements: This is an unnecessary jerky movement if you catch the ball and then immediately go into your shooting motion instead of holding it for a second. The solution is to catch and hold for a second before you go into your shot.
  • No Arc-Flat Shot-Flinging the wrist. If you catch the ball, hold it out in front of your body instead of at waist level or below, then shoot with no arc and fling your wrist when taking the shot. The solution is to catch the ball overhead directly above your head so that there’s room for an arc in your shot!
  • Shooting after the Top of Your Jump: If you catch a pass, take one extra dribble before shooting. This means you are jumping too soon. To fix it, bring both feet together and jump straight up while holding onto the basketball, making sure not to leave your hand off until after the top half of the air. Then go into a footwork routine


Basketball shooting drills are a great way to improve your game. But, how can you practice these skills at home? We’ve put together some of the best basketball drills that will help you become better on and off the court. Practice them every day to see improvement in your shots!

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