Best Dessert Restaurants in Dubai: Sweetness all Around

Best Dessert Restaurants in Dubai


When we think of sweets, our eyes twinkle twinkle like little stars, and all of our childhood memories return. Even a single chocolate bar can evoke a flood of pleasant thoughts and feelings; imagine an entire restaurant devoted to satisfying your craving for sugary treats.

We know your eyes are sparkling now, so allow us to take you on a sweet tour of the best dessert restaurants in Dubai.

The Best Dessert Restaurants in Dubai

Ladurée Paris

Ladurée Paris is a French cake shop that has been open since 1862. Ladurée is one of the best dessert restaurants in Dubai if you like sweets. They promise to make you happy with the most delicious milkshakes and French pastries that they make.

Ladurée came up with the macaron in the 19th century. Desserts like the Rose Religieuse, the Rose-Raspberry Saint-Honoré, the Liquorice Millefeuille, and the Blackcurrant-Violet Macaron are delicious and worth a visit. Ladurée has a wide range of creative, gluten-free, and delicious desserts that many people think are the best in Dubai.

Ladurée is also known for its thick shakes topped with whipped cream and offers a variety of flavours, including rose, pistachio, and vanilla, for AED 39. Healthy juices like Orange and Carrot, Apple, Celery, Ginger, Fresh Lemon Mint, and traditional teas like Earl Grey, Ceylon, and Jasmine are also offered.

Check out all Ladurée locations in Dubai here.


Since 1947, La Romana has been serving up some of the best authentic Italian desserts in Dubai. Traditional milkshakes are made with organic milk, dried fruits, fresh cream, jams, fruits, and eggs.

Gelato is a staple food for the locals. Waffles, crepes, milkshakes, smoothies, desserts, and coffee are available. Milkshakes come in various flavours, including the classic “grandma’s biscuit,” creme, hazelnut, Fior Di Latte, Stracciatella, pistachio, strawberry, dark, and milk chocolate.

Check out where the nearest LA ROMANA DAL location to you here.


Find more sweet treats in McCafé. Get a tasty drink, a sweet dessert, or a fantastic smoothie. It’s fun to stop by this restaurant on a busy shopping day. It is one of the best dessert restaurants in Dubai, serving desserts and sweet drinks like McDonald’s.

A McCafé is wherever you are in Dubai; locate the nearest one here.


SugarMoo is one of the best dessert restaurants in Dubai to get something sweet. Your sweet tooth will be satisfied by freshly baked desserts every day. There are no ordinary cakes here. Instead, you’ll find cakes with the best ingredients. If you like chocolate, get the Red Velvet Oreo Crunch Cake. It has layers of crushed Oreos in between the chocolate cream cheese frosting. As one of the best dessert places in Dubai, SugarMoo has a menu full of East-West fusion desserts and classics with a twist where you can have the best cakes and cupcakes.

SugarMoo is the first online dessert & cake delivery business in Dubai, UAE. Still, you can find their dessert labs at Nakheel Mall on the Palm at Gate District 2 in DIFC.


Have you had enough yet? Dubai malls are prosperous, with the sweetest dessert restaurants in Dubai. Sweetness is all over the place. Dubai feels like this candy house from Hansel and Grettel, but don’t worry, there is no witch around. So, close your eyes and relish Dubai’s finest sweets.

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