An Electrician’s Safety Comes First


An electrician gets more electric shocks while working than any common man. Though they know about all the safety measures, still they face a lot of accidents. This happens due to two reasons: one they become too confident with their work or secondly for their carelessness. Never compromise on your safety while you are working.

The voltage and availability of electrical current in a home or office have enough power to kill a person. The fact is all electrical systems have the potential to cause death. Unfortunately, the human body is a natural conductor of electricity and is vulnerable to burns and shocks. These also include thermal burns which can affect both the internal tissues and external skin. Direct contact with circuit parts or energized conductors will interfere with the brain and the person can find it difficult to breathe.

 If you are an electrician and you want to protect yourself from any kind of danger during your office hours then kindly read this writeup.

Never touch an electrocute:

If you are an electrician you might think to assist a person who got an electric shock or burn. If you touch this person the current might enter your body and surely you both will be in trouble. Before reaching out to that friend for help, remember that a body is a conductor. For this, the first thing you need to do is switch off the main power and then start your work.

Maintain all the electrical tools properly:

Check all the tools properly before you step out for work. If you think anything needs to be repaired, do it as soon as possible. Be aware of all the insulation coverings of the extension cords because they are vulnerable to damage. Check all the body casing of the tools and the cracks in the handle. Many times, electricians think to use a damaged tool for one more time but this invites an accident.

Follow all the procedures diligently:

The very first thing you need to do when you enter your client’s place for repairing work is to turn off the switch box. Do the same thing for all the tools and pieces of machinery. Most of the electrician London do follow this rule all the time but at times they do forget. Tag training and lock-out are a part of all electrician programs. Check that all the tools are de-energized before you start with the work, this will surely minimize the chance of getting shocked or electrocution. If you are still not sure about this then use a tester to check all the wires, hanging wires, and the service panel.

Wear all the safety gears:

Whether you are going to a client’s place for a simple work or a complex task please do not forget to wear all the safety gears. At the Electrician Works London, they provide all the gears to their employees and it is compulsory for them to wear them during the working hours. Some of the protection gears are goggles, hoods, sleeves, insulated gloves, line hoses, and so on. The way you check your tools, inspect your gears as well every time before you start using. Discard or repair the gears if you think it is necessary.

Select the right ladder:

The ladders which the electrician near me uses are made of either fibreglass, wood, or aluminum. Wood and fibreglass are best for them because they do not conduct electricity. On the other hand, wood may rot with time especially if it is exposed to damp or wet weather and fibreglass is expensive. Fibreglass is a good choice to work with as it will last for a long time.

Avoid all the power lines:

Power lines will be present everywhere you go to work especially in the construction area and this is a serious threat to all the electricians. Most of the accidents take place in these sites because many things are involved like a metal ladder. The lines may look safe as the modern technology is used to make them but the slightest touch can transfer thousands of volts in the body. Sadly, many people lose their lives due to this accident. Hence it is important to know all the local power line rules before you start working.

Remember one thing before joining this field that working with electricity is a difficult job. Do not join this profession without any formal training. Taking some tips from any veteran electrician in London and then you start working is not a good idea. You can join Electric Works London once you get to know your job well. They are concerned about their employee’s safety hence they will give your proper tools, training, and gear before you start your work. more info to visit :


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