Alternatives to Jungle Scout: Which You Should Know As Amazon Seller

Should Know As Amazon Seller


You must decide what you will sell before you start selling on Amazon. This is a crucial choice. You can’t just choose a product at random and hope it starts to sell. Fortunately, there are many of Amazon product research tools available to you. Jungle Scout is the most well-known tool for product research. Jungle Scout is a fantastic tool for conducting market research and discovering fresh goods to sell on Amazon. There are many jungle scout free alternative which you should know about as Amazon Seller.

The finest Jungle Scout substitute is helium 10. It is equally precise in terms of product research. And it is an all-in-one utility just like Jungle Scout. It provides all the resources you require to be an Amazon seller. The most affordable alternative to Jungle Scout at the moment is Viral Launch. For about $17 each month, you can just get their Chrome Extension. To compare Jungle Scout to some of their rivals, it is usually beneficial to have alternatives.

1. Zonbase

Zonbase is not as precise as Helium 10 or Jungle Scout. They are still more trustworthy than some of the other Jungle Scout alternatives, though, with an accuracy rate of 81%. Zonbase provides a free 7-day trial. You need to simply sign up for a free account to use all of their features.

2. Helium 10

Both a Chrome Extension (Xray) and a WebApp Database are provided by Helium 10. (Black Box). This has a lot of similarities to Jungle Scout. While surfing Amazon, you can use the Chrome Extension to check sales projections. Additionally, you can use the Black Box database to find new product ideas based on your specifications. You can enter your competitor’s ASIN into their Reverse ASIN lookup facility, and Helium 10 Cerebro will return their keywords for you. Magnet is their primary keyword tool, which allows you to enter your main keyword and receive a long list of related keywords in return.

3. AMZScout

The accuracy of AMZScout is 77%. There is not much of a difference here. The risk with this, though, is that AMZScout exaggerates! In other words, if you use this programme to predict how many sales your proposed product will generate, you might discover that it actually generates roughly 13% fewer sales than you anticipated.

The greatest option for finding your first product could be to get AMZscout for one month for $44,99. It is the most affordable and precise choice. I believe you will have enough time to find your first product in a month if you are prepared to put in the effort. 15 usage of AMZScout are free. No credit card is necessary. Since there aren’t many, use them wisely. But it will help you get a decent sense of all the things this program has to offer.

Is there exists a free Jungle Scout substitute?

Undoubtedly, a free Jungle Scout substitute is Unicorn Smasher. Its enormous error margin, however, means that it is not very accurate at estimating sales. We wouldn’t advise this because the most crucial part of FBA is product and sales estimation. You will see the consequences of your investment in high-quality instruments.

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