All You Need to Know About Flu Shot Side Effects

flu vaccine long-term side effects


Vaccination drives are one of any state government’s most influential health campaigns. Good health is the fundamental right of all citizens, and the state ensures that all citizens are rightfully subjected to good health. The publicly administered vaccines are tried and tested under stringent conditions before mass application. But, some people may be physiologically down or react adversely to certain vaccines. 

Though it never happens, there could even be possibilities of some shots not acting appropriately. Under any such situation, the vaccine recipients may have a dire time with their health after the flu shot. Even if everything works perfectly, some people may react adversely to the flu shots. There are several short-term and flu vaccine long-term side effects. While the short-term side effects include slight to moderate fever, arm burning, headache, nausea and body ache, the flu shot side effects could sometimes get severe. Let us discuss the flu vaccine’s long-term side effects, which may be a bit more severe than the generalized and immediate flu shot side effects:

Severe Allergy

The most effective flu vaccine’s long-term side effect is allergies. In the first place, people who are severely allergic and have intensely high levels of IgG are always recommended to stay away from flu vaccines. This is crucial because their bodies react very severely to the antigens. And you can never predict how sensitive they will be to a specific antigen. So, the doctors recommend they not opt for even the flu shots. 

If you don’t know that you are super allergic and take the flu shot like most others, the possible side effects could be intense fever and severe breathing problems – developing asthma to the extent that you may need oxygen as breathing support. They can also develop hay fever, the worst imaginable scenario, and hives across the body. The conditions get so severe that hospitalization becomes mandatory. The after-effects are truly life-threatening for allergic patients. The effects usually set on within a few hours of vaccine administration. So, the best way out is to observe the patient closely after some time of the vaccine administration. The family members or the recipient could call 911 right away for any emergency. 

Sustained Arm Burning

This typically sounds to be a short-term symptom – swelling, redness and intense pain in the arm. But sometimes, it is much more than that. The nerves of the arms often get damaged while the flu shot administration which can lead to severe after-effects. The sign to watch out for is the arm pain duration. Usually, for almost any flu shot recipient, the pain should subside by 24 to 48 hours after the vaccine administration. If this is not happening and you feel there are most negligible chances of the pain subsiding, you can presume that much more is going on than just ordinary arm pain. 

This is when you should connect with the physicians to examine the arm thoroughly. There are incidences when people even suffer from arm pain years after the flu shot vaccine administration. Ensure that it is not the case. Also, this can disrupt the person’s professional life, as they won’t be able to work to their full potential with such aching arms constantly bothering them. 

Guillain Barre Syndrome

Also termed GBS, this is a severe neurologic condition in the body that leads to terminal paralysis. There is no such scientific evidence that can prove flu shots to be the ultimate reason for GBS. However, there have been several incidences where people developed and suffered GBS just after flu shot administration provolone, though it could be the real reason for the problem. People with a history of neurologic disorders must always consult their doctor before opting for flu shots because they could be severe for you. The symptoms may not set in early but last longer. 

Final Words

If you or any of your family members have been affected by the flu vaccine’s long-term side effects or have lost working days and income due to an ailment from flu shot side effects, you should connect with a reputed vaccination injury lawyer. They can help you claim the compensation from the state under the vaccine injury protection laws. So, the recipients of flu shots who have suffered from it will get compensation to make their lives better. Sometimes, the side effects of the flu shots are short-term and usually disappear within 48 hours, leading to no work loss or health loss. 

But, if you suffer from any severe after-effects of the flu shots, legal actions are necessary. Flu shots are designed to protect you against influenza and other deadly flu diseases. However, they might turn out to be dangerous for some people. If so, connect with your physician and the vaccination attorney.

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