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 Car Accident Attorney San Diego


If you or a loved one has been affected by car accidents, it’s important to seek help from the right San Diego law firm. Gingery Hammer & Schneiderman LLP is known for providing legal assistance and guidance on medical insurance issues as well as burial costs of victims who have passed away because of the accident. This may be especially helpful if someone close to your family was involved in an incident that might not have seemed entirely foreseeable beforehand–please call us today with any questions about how we can assist!

Auto Accident Lawyers

San Diego, California is a city known for it’s car accidents. This may be because drivers often drive too fast and engage in risky actions such as cutting other cars off on the freeway or running red lights when they don’t need to do so at all. The result of many (car) wreck(es) can leave lifelong injuries including spinal cord damage which would require lengthy medical care with doctors specializing in this type of injury recovery.

Accidents happen. In fact, you’re probably familiar with the feeling of getting into a car accident and not knowing what to do next or who’s going to pay for your medical bills. Our Auto Accident Lawyer can help make things easier by filing a lawsuit against those responsible for causing pain and suffering through reckless driving that led up to an injury-causing incident on the road!

Helping accident victims

If you’ve been injured in some way, don’t hesitate to contact our law firm. We have over 20 years of experience and are committed to providing quality service. Our attorneys will make sure you get the results that you deserve!

Our accident lawyers with over twenty years’ worth of experience specialize in personal injury cases for well over two decades; therefore if your injuries require medical attention or financial compensation then do not hesitate to reach out today because we can help ensure that justice is served on your end through legal services provided by qualified professionals who care about their clients.

Although not everyone is aware of it, you do have the option to hire an attorney who works on a contingency fee basis. This means that they only get paid if your case succeeds and there are no upfront fees required from you! It can be difficult being injured after having an auto collision so we approach each individual client’s needs with excellence at all times – whether this starts off as initial investigation or through settlement negotiations up until trial preparation.

Experienced Attorneys

If you or a loved one is hurt due to another driver’s negligence, contact our San Diego Car Accident Attorney San Diego as soon as possible. We have been helping families and individuals for more than 15 years with their legal matters in court after they were involved in an accident.

We know that accidents happen, and we want to help those who have been injured. We can ensure your best interests will be taken care of as well as make it easier for those who might have been injured by another’s actions. When tragedy strikes us, we would like people like yourself (especially after being through such trauma).

Drinking and driving have been a problem for decades. They can cause long-lasting consequences on the people who survive them, as well as their loved ones. One of these problems is that they are often fatal to those involved in the incident; speeding also causes traffic collisions when drivers aren’t paying close attention or following regulations correctly

Call Today If You Have Been Injured in a Crash

This law firm is dedicated to giving you the best service possible. They will work with your insurance company and make sure that all claims are settled fairly, so don’t feel pressured into settling for less than what’s owed to you!

After discussing the incident in detail with our legal team, if we conclude that it was not your fault or there are any extenuating circumstances surrounding this accident (e.g., distracted driving), they can fight against an unfair claim denial without charging a fee until their case has been resolved — on behalf of car accident victims like you seeking justice from Gingery Hammer & Schneiderman LLP law firm. The lawyers at GHS believe taking every case seriously is important and will go to great lengths to advocate for clients’ rights when needed!

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