A Comprehensive Guide to Choose the Right Blinds for your Home

Choose the Right Blinds for your Home


Window blinds are a covering for the windows and glass doors. The blinds give one the choice of blocking or filtering the sunlight partially or completely. There are various types of blinds to choose from, depending on the space and your personal preference. The most famous is the Venetian blinds, a term commonly used as a reference when talking about horizontal blinds, regardless of their type. Thus, it is important to know the options available before you decide on your home or office. Blinds are more practical than curtains for a sleeker look. There are three basic designs of blinds:

  • Horizontal blinds
  • Vertical blinds
  • Roller blinds

Here is a brief description of the most popular styles of window blinds to help you understand and pick out the ones best suited for you.

1. Horizontal blinds 

These blinds have an adjustable system that allows you to adjust the slats to admit or block the amount of light you prefer. A simple twist of the control rod attached with the slats will create the perfect ambience for you. Made of durable, long-lasting material in different types of plastic and metal, the Venetians feature both matte and shiny glossy effects on their surface. They are ideal for both contemporary modern homes and offices. We also have aluminium Venetian blinds, which are perfect for your kitchen and bathroom. Splash-proof, easy to wipe clean and water or moisture-proof, thus practical, very cost-effective and durable. It would work out wonderfully if you were working on a fixed budget.

2. Roman blinds

Created over 2000 years ago by the Romans, with emphasis on practical functionality rather than fashion, the Roman blinds are made in opaque material with a drawstring mechanism controlling the slats. They cover the window completely when open and stack up atop the window when pulled up by a drawstring mechanism. It is best suited for small windows near the radiator and kitchen for their sleek, neat look with a cosy effect shielding the space from the blazing sunlight.

3. Holland blinds 

Holland blinds, also known as roller blinds, are made of stiffened fabric – a blend of polyester and acrylic, rolled around an aluminium tube that helps lower or raised them. With options like coated, translucent or screen fabrics. The blinds that have UV protection are hard wearing and easy to maintain.

 4. Vertical blinds

A simple yet elegantly effective style, providing you with the combination of both curtain and blinds. Its vertical strips fold away from the middle, creating the feel of a curtain. The control rod provides the added option to change the angle of individual strips, creating an enigmatically contrasting look of light and shade. There is a vast choice of materials, colours and patterns to choose from to create an artistic effect.

Choose between different kinds of vertical blinds for tilt and turn windows.

5. Zebra Blinds

The zebra blinds, a modern alternative to horizontal blinds. They are great for daytime, blocking out the sunlight and shielding from the outside world. These blinds can be set in a halfway open position or complete blockout of light with adequate rotation of fabric to certain positions.

The best way to choose the right blinds would be to contact an expert in the field. Keep in mind a few points while ordering blinds: The measurement should be just right for the blinds to cover the window adequately. Measure both the length and width of the window or door, taking extra 3 inches in both directions to avoid the sunlight creeping in from the edges.

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