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Immigration consultants are indispensable when applying for foreign visas and that need is especially amplified in cities like Chennai. Here lies some of India’s highest educated, sophisticated class who seek new career and job opportunities both domestically and abroad.

Reason being, thousands of individuals each year apply for overseas immigration in Chennai – meaning Immigration consultants are one of the highest sought after occupations. But selecting an honest immigration consultant in Chennai like that from Croyez Immigration to guide your journey or obtain visa applications remains challenging – for both parties involved!

How can you select an immigration consultant?

Make a checklist of items to assess whether the global immigration consultant you have selected is genuine or not. Immigration into any new country involves understanding and following various immigration guidelines, instructions, rules based on constitutional or legal aspects. Therefore, when immigrating you should carefully interpret, understand, and abide by immigration process guidelines in your new home country; failing to do so could delay or deny you visa entry.

An immigration consultant is your key guide towards an easier, safer, and smoother immigration experience in a new country. Therefore, always select wisely when hiring one – let’s go over some key check points that help identify the top visa consultant in Chennai.

Pick from among Registered immigration consultants

As part of your search to immigrate abroad from Chennai, make sure that any Chennai visa consultants or agents claim they provide superior services before choosing one to hire. It is imperative to first verify whether or not their consultants have registered with the immigration regulatory body of their destination country; otherwise they could cause you harm when trying to immigrate there. In India for instance, all consultants registered must also comply with immigration regulatory bodies of their destination countries such as IRPAN in Germany etc.

MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) serves as Australia’s immigration regulatory body while the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council serves Canada’s.

Registered consultants are authorized agents of the regulatory body and therefore, you can entrust them to guide you through legal immigration process with most suitable services.

Walk Into Your Consultant’s Office

At times it is best to visit your consultant office directly instead of communicating via telephone calls, chats or emails. Chennai being relatively small makes this easier as taking 2-3 hours out from your busy schedule to interact in person can give you valuable insight. You could check various aspects such as office setup, team of migration experts or customer care executives it has, registered agents’ statuses as well as knowledge bases etc. through such visits – therefore prefer personal interaction over distant communication methods as much as possible.

Explore and Understand Immigration Services Committed to you

Make a note and understand what immigration services your consultant promises you, so that when meeting others or when your consultant fails to deliver as promised. Most Immigration Consultancy Companies typically offer at least these services:

  • Case Analysis/Study
  • Pre-Assessment
  • Document Assistance
  • Letter Drafting Visa Filing
  • Refusal Case Review and Refill, etc.

Consider hiring a consultant that provides additional services, like ECA through WES or IELTS Certification or Resume Rebuilding service to increase the odds of your success in life and work.

Affordable Fees and Transparent Payment Terms

Assuring an affordable cost is also key when hiring an immigration consultant to aid in overseas immigration procedures. Make sure the consulting fees are discussed early and accessible by asking about them right from the beginning. Make sure your immigration consultant does not hide any additional costs from you to prevent confusion in the future. Ask about their exact charges for providing immigration consultancy service (i.e. both separate and collective fees for services rendered) so as to prevent any additional complications down the line.

┬áBe careful that you do not get confused between visa application fees and consultancy service charges, which might differ. Writing everything down may help for easy reference later. Immigration departments’ charges vary over time so be sure to double-check online the latest cost to avoid confusion in this matter.

Immigration consultants often specialize in immigration processes of one or two key countries. So it doesn’t hurt to select an immigration consultant with expertise in your country of immigration – Canada and Australia are two highly desired nations! Let’s find out who specializes in them both!

Find an Australian PR immigration consultant near Chennai

Australia is well known for its robust economy, robust employment rate, higher wages, superior living standard and vibrant lifestyle. A huge number of people each year apply to immigrate from Chennai, India. If this describes you, be wary when selecting an immigration consultant in Chennai who offers Australian immigration as part of your application for residency visa.

An Australian Immigration Consultant should possess expertise in:

Point Based Immigration System in Australia SOL or CSOL of Australia for profession-based visa eligibility IELTS/Skill Assessment Requirements Permanent Residency Options of Australia Assortments of Australian Visa Categories.

Online procedure and visa processing times, etc. are provided herein.

Canada immigration

Canada is another advanced nation that makes an ideal location for individual and family migration, due to its lenient immigration rules, established system, quality of life standards, strong economy, outstanding infrastructure facilities and cultural diversity. An experienced immigration consultant must possess expertise in:

Canada provides various immigration programs such as Express Entry System, PNPs, QSWPs and PGP. CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) allows point based immigration as well as Express Entry draws; IELTS certification through WES ensures permanent residency status for Canadian permanent residency statuses and work permits are issued accordingly.

Key Eligibility Requirements (KERs)

You must choose a company that stands out among other Chennai immigration consultancy services by virtue of the key immigration service aspects they cover: Canada Immigration and Australia immigration. Ultimately this makes the company one of the leading immigration consultants available today in terms of service quality and delivery.

Their team consists of migration experts certified and registered migration executives as well as customer care executives familiar with all immigration hotspot countries such as Canada, Australia, Germany, New Zealand UK USA Honk Kong South Africa. Specifically they specialize in Canada and Australia Immigration processes.

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